Discussion Questions



What does having access to safe and legal abortions mean for women: economically, politically, socially?


How does Soliven highlight gender in relation to abortion?


How does The Mango Bride depict the complex reasons abortion is a necessary choice for women?


What, if any, impact does the Melodrama style have on the topic of abortion?

 Mail Order Brides 


What are the inherent power imbalances of the Mail Order Bride industry?


How do the “attractive” characteristics of Mail Order Brides represent the oppressive and exploitive nature of the industry?


How does Soliven depict the  Mail Order couples (Lisa and Lydell/Beverly and Josiah)? What themes come up?


Domestic Violence


How are issues of power and control portrayed in The Mango Bride?


What are the barriers keeping victims in abusive relationships?


What major issues is Soliven trying to get the audience to pay attention to?


Where and how does this novel seem to require an “intersectional” reading?

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