Historical Context

  • Palestinian Land Loss 1917 to the Present

The 1940’s-60’s

1948 20 people killed by Armed Zionist group (Haganah), bombed the Semiramis Hotel in Jerusalum.

  • February – Qisarya village attacked by a Zionist group
  • April – Dayr Yassin massacre
  • May –  State of Israel created, the United States and the Soviet Union recognize it immediately
  • December – UN resolution 194 passed; affirming the right of the return of Palestinian refugees
1950 Jordan assumes administration of the West Bank.
1956 Villages of Qalqilya, Kufr Qassem, and Khan Younis massacred.
1966 Village of As-Samu’ massacred.
1967 Historic Palestine, including the Gaza strip, the West Bank, the Syrian Golan Heights, and the Egyptian Sinai occupied by Israeli forces.

The 1970s-90s

1970 — “Black September” in Jordan.
1974 Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) becomes the sole representative of the Palestinian people.
1976 Thousands of hectares of Palestinian land stolen by Israel, now “Land Day” is an annual holiday.
1982 Israel invades Lebanon.
1987 The first Infitada is launched in a Palestinian territory.
1988 — The PLO accepts UN resolutions 242 and 338, accepts the state of Israel.
1993 The PLO and Israel sign Oslo I, which was an attempted resolution for the current Isreal-Palestine conflict.
1995 The PLO and Israel sign Oslo II, an interim agreement allowing Palestinians self-government in certain territoried of the West Bank and the Gaza strip.

The 2000s-10s

2002 Israel reoccupies cities in the West Bank during the second Infitada.
2006 War between Israel and Islamic political party, Hezbollah, results in the Lebanon War.
2008 Gaza strip attacked by Israel in “Operation Cast Lead.”
2012Israel attacks Gaza again in “Operation Pillar of Defense.”
2014 Israel commences “Operation Protective Edge,” the biggest assualt on Gaza since 1967.

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Nimalah Baaith-Ducharme ’20

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