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The Trail of Tears was a horrific event in the history of the United States of America, so understandably it is difficult to teach, especially to a younger audience. Here are a selection of lesson plans, activities, and a documentary, that can help in planning a classroom discussion of the Trail of Tears.

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  1. Discover the Trail of Tears: A Lightning Lesson from Teaching with Historic Places
    1. A lesson plan from the National Park Service, that demonstrates an excellent way to teach a class about the Trail of Tears.
  2. Trail of Tears Curriculum Guide
    1. A curriculum created by people at the University of Arkansas Little Rock, that shows how a teacher could apply the Trail of Tears to lessons in multiple subjects. 
  3. The Trail of Tears for Kids
    1. A website that gives an overview of the Trail of Tears in a manner that is easy for children to digest. 
  4. Trail of Tears Activity
    1. This a classroom activity aimed at high schoolers, for them to come to a better understanding of the Trail of Tears. 
  1. Trail of Tears
    1. This is one episode of a PBS documentary about Native Americans. This episode is solely focused on the Trail of Tears and provides a lot of information on the topic.


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