Discussion Questions


Questions about Characters


  1. How does Nadia’s femininity relate to her sexuality?
  2. How is Nadia punished by for being independent?
  3. Why does Saeed resent the Nigerians?
  4. What sacrifices did Saeed’s father make for him before Saeed and Nadia left their country?
  5. Did Nadia fulfill her promise to Saeed’s father?
  6. What happened to Saeed’s mother, and how did it affect Saeed and Nadia’s courtship?

Questions about Symbols


  1. What does Nadia’s robe represent for her compared to strangers?
  2. Why are the doors significant in this story? What role do the play for the characters?

Questions about Migration


  1. Why does the author refer to citizens as “natives”?
  2. Whom would the author consider to be a migrant?

Questions about Terrorism


  1. How did Saeed and Nadia adjust to the massacre of their home city?
  2. How do Saeed and Nadia’s views on extremist groups vary by the time they lived in London?

Questions about Relationships 


  1. How did Saeed and Nadia’s relationship that of Saeed’s parents?
  2. Why did Saeed begin to resent Nadia when they moved to London?
  3. What factors were most important to the status of Saeed and Nadia’s relationship?
  4. Why doesn’t Saeed’s father stay with his son?



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Hunter Southall ’19

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