Major Reasons

Applied Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Medical Diagnostics

Medical Diagnostics Pre-Physician Assistant

Medical Laboratory Sciences

10 Reasons to Major in Medical Diagnostics
  1. Gain excellent preparation for graduate/professional studies including medical school, dental school, optometry school and physician assistant programs.
  2. Study medical-related sciences to learn about the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of disease.
  3. Have close connections with faculty and staff.
  4. Attend small classes junior & senior years.
  5. Have a distinct advantage over medical school or physician assistant school classmates when applying for admission.
  6. Are specifically prepared for physician assistant studies through the only pre-physician assistant concentration on campus.
  7. Use biology and chemistry knowledge in medical-related careers.
  8. Learn how to relate laboratory analyses to patient condition or disease.
  9. Receive excellent academic and career advisement.
  10. Honors degree is available and achievable.
10 Reasons to Major in Medical Laboratory Science
  1. Get good jobs.
  2. Are in demand.
  3. Attend small classes junior & senior years.
  4. Have close connections with faculty & staff.
  5. Receive excellent instruction.
  6. Get extensive hands-on laboratory experience on campus.
  7. Get real world experience through clinical practicums.
  8. Enter the work force with remarkable, transferable skills.
  9. Have a broad range of career options.
  10. Use biology and chemistry knowledge in medical-related careers.

First Year Seminar

MEDT100 Introduction to Medical Laboratory Science

Students are asked to participate in a service activity to benefit others in support of the University’s Delaware Will Shine initiative. Various suggested activities are available, and students can choose among those or propose their own ideas for a service project to meet this requirement. Among the three sections of MEDT100 to include a total of 106 students, a tremendous impact was made to benefit the community by the following list of activities completed.

Donations of:

  • 735 pounds of canned goods to the Food Bank of Delaware
  • Approximately 1600 Box Tops for Education to benefit local schools
  • Approximately 1250 soda tabs for the Ronald McDonald House
  • 10 ink cartridges to benefit Project Have Hope

Numerous volunteer service hours on behalf of organizations including, but not limited to:

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • UDance canning
  • Local fire companies
  • Christiana Care Emergency Department
  • Christiana Care patient escort
  • Pediatric patients – gifts to add cheer
  • Jeanne Jugan Nursing Home
  • Walk-Safe Bike Initiative
  • Red Cross

Congratulations to these students for daring to make a positive impact on behalf of others!