Clinical Practicums

Welcome to the University of Delaware Medical Laboratory Sciences Clinical Practicum stage of your education. As a senior student, you know first hand the rigors of being a student here. Beyond the challenging academic expectations, we also expect you to be a positive force as a clinical laboratory science professional. We expect you to shine!

As a senior, you have passed the scrutiny of the admissions department, been selected by the Medical Laboratory Sciences Department, and survived the rigors of medical laboratory science education in lecture and the student laboratory. You have been selected, we want you here, you have worked hard, and your instructors want to help you do your best. The key word is help. You must be a full participant in your education to achieve success.

We have high hopes for each University of Delaware Medical Laboratory Sciences student. Your university and clinical instructors take their roles seriously as your teachers, mentors and advisors. In a few short months, they will be your peers. They expect you to work hard and to bring quality to the field of laboratory medicine. They expect you to “make us proud.”


Karen R. Brinker, M.Ed., MLS(ASCP)CM
Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences
303D Willard Hall Education Building
Newark, DE 19716

Clinical Practicum Composite Manual for Students
(MEDT 472, 473, 475, 477, & 479)

"There are some things you must learn in calm and some in storm" -- Willa Cather