Medical Laboratory Sciences

Summer 2017

MLS Graduating Class 2017

MLS Graduating Class 2017

Congratulations to the Medical Laboratory Sciences Class of 2017.  The class includes 31 Medical Laboratory Science graduates and 22 Medical Diagnostics graduates. We wish them the best of luck!

Class of 2021

We are excited to welcome the Class of 2021 to Medical Laboratory Sciences.  We have accepted 90 students and they have attended New Student Orientation over the summer.

MLS Department Updates

Department Updates

The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences has numerous announcements to make. First, two new majors were approved by the Faculty Senate and will be offered in the fall.  The Applied Molecular Biology and Biotechnology undergraduate program is for students interested in careers in the biotechnology industry.  We will also be offering a Master of Science in Medical Sciences degree. This program is designed for student who have a undergraduate degree in the sciences.  You can read more about both programs here.

Dr. Edward Marks with Dr. Esther Biswas

The department graduated it’s first Ph.D student in May. Dr. Edward Marks received his doctorate in Medical Sciences after studying with Dr. Arun Kumar.  You can read more about Dr. Marks in an article found here.

We are excited to announce we have recently added new faculty members. Mona Batish has joined the department as of July 1, 2017 as a faculty member.  Her research focuses on the understanding of gene expression regulation and to develop novel diagnostic assays for Ewing’s Sarcoma (a pediatric bone cancer) using different RNA species as biomarkers.

Dr. Mona Batish

Vijay Parashar has also joined the Department as a faculty member.  His research focuses on bacterial physiology and virulence. Using a combination of structural (X-ray crystallography) and functional analyses, his lab determines the mechanistic basis of critical communication events during bacterial pathogenesis. This facilitates development of a novel class of anti-infectives that do not kill bacteria but target these communication events to curb bacterial behaviors leading to disease.  Welcome Dr. Batish and Dr. Parashar, we’re excited to have you join us!

Dr. Vijay Parashar

To provide additional space for research for both the new faculty and students,  construction will begin soon.  The plan is to change some smaller research areas and storage space into a new research lab that will have room for multiple researchers/students.  We’re excited to see the new space!

Faculty Feature

Dr. Mary Ann McLane

At the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) annual meeting in August,  Professor Mary Ann McLane received the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award.   Below is the script that was read at the award ceremony:

The 2017 Lifetime Achievement winner has been and continues to be extremely active at all levels of ASCLS from serving on numerous committees and task forces to holding various leadership positions including serving on the national Board of Directors. Her nominators note that the “service she has provided to the Society as well as her professional contributions to clinical laboratory science are remarkable and truly epitomize the spirit of this award. She has made a difference in ASCLS, the profession, and her community.” This member “is a motivator, doer, and selfless when it comes to mentoring everyone around her.” She has over 40 peer reviewed publications and has given over 50 presentations at local, state, national and international meetings. She is an ASCLS past president, currently serves as the Chair of the Education and Research Fund as well as the Alpha Mu Tau Secretary, among other things. This member has urged and encouraged us all to Provide the Face for our profession.

This Year’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner is: Mary Ann McLane

Congratulations Dr. McLane!

Alumni Updates

We are so very proud of all of our alumni and their accomplishments.

Here are just a few…send us yours so we can celebrate too!

Congratulations to Michael Grayson MLS ’07 on his recent wedding.  Numerous MLS alumni joined Michael on his wedding day. Pictured below from left to right: Steve Snow MLS ‘07, Jennifer Warren MLS ‘11, Brett Hensley MLS ‘07, Jen Bader (formerly Shucker) MLS ‘07, Sharon Goldstein AS ’06, Michael Grayson MLS ‘07, Kari Meyers MLS ‘07, Brandon Ellis MLS ‘07, Rorie Madigan MLS ‘05

Sam Katz MLS ’13 wrote to us to let us know he is entering law school at Temple Law in the fall. Best of luck Sam and thanks for checking in!

At the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) annual meeting in August,  Alexa Pierce-Matlack MLS ’15 (L) was honored as a “Voices Under 40”, and Professor Mary Ann McLane received the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award. Congratulations to both award winners!

Mclane_Pierc-Matlock win awards at ASCLS

The 2017 MLS Alumni Award was presented to Cynthia Flickinger MLS ’77.

Dr. Esther Biswas, Cynthia Flickinger MLS ’77, and Karen Brinker

Past Award Recipients: Marc Portmann – 2014 (L), Cynthia Flickinger – 2017, Ken Love – 2016

Dara S. Missan MLS ’06, published an article in Science Direct. Dara is a Clinical Laboratory Specialist and Research Associate at Fry Laboratories, LLC.

MLS Alumni were well represented at the 2017 American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science

L to R: Shelby Guhl, Education Consultant at Siemens, MLS ’14, Dana (Marshall) Ohnmeiss: Technical Trainer 2 at Siemens, MLS ‘ 11, Sarah (Beabout) Thomas: Clinical Chemistry Sales at Sekisui, MLS ’10, Matt Nicholaou, Department Chair, Dept of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Weber State University (UT), MLS ’02, Brian Gitlitz:Senior Financial Analyst. Laboratory Procurement and Strategic Sourcing, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, MLS ’13, Donarae Boucek (not a UD alum, but is an ASCLS-DE member), Alexa Pierce-Matlack: Medical Laboratory Scientist I, Christiana Care Health System, MLS ’15, Dara Missan: Clinical Laboratory Specialist and Research Associate, MLS ’06.

Kelly Banas MLS ’17 and Isis Anderson MLS ’08 are pictured below with other employees of Hahnemann University Hospital. Kelly will be starting the Medical Science Ph.D. program this fall at the University of Delaware.

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Thank you

to Siemens Healthineers for donating a Siemens Viva-E drug of abuse instrument and to A. I. Nemours Hospital for Children for donating an Abbott TDx Blood Chemistry Analyzer.   We truly appreciate donations as they help keep our costs down and help our students learn.  If your work place has equipment or supplies no longer needed, please consider donating them. We will even arrange pick up!

UD-MLS in the Public

The staff and students of our Medical Laboratory Science program have always stepped forward to “provide the face” of what we do to the general public.

MLS faculty members presented at the 2017 Clinical Laboratory Educators Conference in Boston. Pictured below from the left is Karen Brinker, Dr. Michelle Parent and Leslie Allshouse.

Dr. Mary Ann McLane and Instructor Marie Wood led a team of delegates to Washington, D.C. for the 2017 ASCLS Legislative Symposium.  L to R are Todd Proud (an independent lab director from DE), Sara Downie (MDD), Marie Wood, Senator Tom Carper, Mary Ann McLane, Maeve Montesi (MDD)  and Jessica McMahon (MLS).


MLS students Karl Cagampan and Ryan Kapocsi help with collecting food when they were completing their clinical rotation at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

UD-MLS alumni & staff volunteer to complete screenings at the Bethel AME church in Wilmington, Delaware in May.
Karen Brinker (alum and UD faculty member)
Alexa Pierce-Matlack MLS ’15
Candice Robinson MLS ’12
Elaina Welch MLS ’11
Mary Ann McLane (UD faculty member)

MLS faculty & staff enjoy an unseasonably warm day in February.

Pictured from left: Liz Cascino, Paula Melancon, Marie Wood, MaryAnn McLane, Esther Biswas , Heather Walters, Alyson Mann, Diana Levering

Students in the Spotlight

Student Awards

Briyana Chisholm, a Medical Diagnostic major, and Cristina Padovani, majoring in Medical Laboratory Science each received the Bryant-Howard Summer Research Internship Award and are doing research this summer at John Hopkins University.

Delaware INBRE (IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence) recently announced students selected for the 2017 Summer Scholars program, which provides undergraduate biomedical research opportunities across the state. The Department recipients were Alexandra Ecott, Afoma Mbanefo, Jessica McMahon, and David Ribaya. 

Nyle Smith was a Summer Research Scholar and is doing research in the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences over the summer.

Below are photos from the undergraduate research synopsis. Pictured are MLS students: Afoma Mbanefo, Nyle Smith, Alexandra Ecott and David Ribaya.




Class of 2017

Enjoy the slideshow of the class of 2017. Please use the arrows to scroll through the photographs. 

You received a great education that has been a central point for your career and even your personal life… How can you now pay it forward?

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  • Influence the next generation of colleagues by contributing to the Medical Laboratory Science Scholarship Funds at
  • Be a voice of advocacy to initiate the discussion about taking some students for a rotation at your clinical site….and then volunteer to do some of that teaching!
  • Belong to the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, ASCLS, the best grass roots organization for influencing the future of clinical laboratory education.

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