Working Groups

The University of Delaware Middle States Working Groups will contribute to the Self-Study Report and Evidence Inventory for the university’s Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) accreditation review. Over a two-year period beginning in February 2019, the Working Groups will conduct a robust review and evaluation of the university’s programs, practices and policies relevant to their MSCHE Standard.

The Steering Committee is responsible for coordinating the work of all of the working groups and will also address Standard 1: Mission and Goals.

>> Charge to the Working Group (PDF)

 Steering Committee Members

Lynn Okagaki, Co-Chair
Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs

John Pelesko, Co-Chair
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Jen Becnel-Guzzo, Co-Chair of Working Group 2
Associate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel

Iain Crawford, Co-Chair of Working Group 3
Director, Undergraduate Research Program; Professor, Department of English

Trevor A. Dawes, Co-Chair of Working Group 4
Vice Provost for Libraries and Museums; May Morris University Librarian

Laure Ergin, Co-Chair Working Group 7
Vice President and General Counsel

Kevin Guidry
Associate Director for Assessment, Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning; Assistant Professor, School of Education

Debra Hess Norris, Co-Chair working Group 7
Chair, Department of Art Conservation; Member, UD Board of Trustees

Greg Hicks
Associate Vice President for Clinical & Translational Research, Research Office; Professor, Department of Physical Therapy

Heather Kelly
Director of Institutional Research

Matt Kinservik, Co-Chair of Working Group 2
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs; Professor, Department of English

Mark Moline
Director, School of Marine Science and Policy

Katy O’Connell
Senior Director, College Communications

Sharon Pitt, Co-Chair of Working Group 6
Vice President for Information Technologies

Richard Reeves, Co-Chair of Working Group 6
Associate Vice President, Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Mary Remmler
Vice President for Strategic Planning and Analysis

Jose Riera, Co-Chair of Working Group 4
Vice President for Student Life

Charlie Riordan
Vice President for Research, Scholarship and Innovation

Matt Robinson
Professor, Department of Hospitality Business Management; Past President, Faculty Senate

Lou Rossi, Co-Chair of Working Group 5
Dean, Graduate College

Greg Shelnut, Co-Chair of Working Group 3
Chair, Department of Art and Design

Matt Trevett-Smith, Co-Chair of Working Group 5
Director, Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning