Process and Resources

Major Milestones for the Accreditation

*Timeline was adjusted in October 2020 due to postponement of the external site review team until Fall 2021.

November 2018  Leadership Team attends Self-Study Institute
January 2019  Selection of Steering Committee
February 8, 2019  Steering Committee Kick Off Meeting
March 18, 2019  UD Submits Self-Study Design to MSCHE
April 12, 2019  Campus Visit by Middle States liaison
April 30, 2019  Each Working Group will submit its first report to the Steering Committee
July 15, 2019  Steering Committee will review Working Group reports and provide feedback.
August 2019  Working Groups will begin to solicit input from various UD groups, with a multitude of opportunities offered through December 2020.
November 22, 2019  Each Working Group will submit the first draft of their chapter to the Steering Committee.
Winter 2019-2020  Working Groups will revise their chapter based on feedback from the Steering Committee and any new data collected in the fall of 2019.
April 30, 2020  Self-Study chapters will be posted comment from the university community.
May-December 2020 Work on the Self-Study paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Winter 2021 Working Groups will revise their chapters for the draft Self-Study based on guidance from MSCHE for documenting pandemic-related changes and the updated timeline.
Spring 2021  The Steering Committee presents the findings of the Self-Study and gathers community comments at meetings of various UD groups.
Summer 2021 Self-Study Report finalized based on Team Chair’s feedback and shared with campus. Final Self-Study/Evidence Inventory is uploaded to the MSCHE portal (six weeks before the Team Visit).
Oct. 31 – Nov. 3, 2021  MSCHE Evaluation Team conducts its site visit.
Spring 2022  Middle States Commission meets to determine accreditation action.