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NRT MIDAS Community Hour Spring 2022 schedule flyer


Recent news about the NRT and NRT team members

The first cohort of NRT trainees have been admitted into the program! Learn about them by going to the NRT Team page!


Interdisciplinary problem solving

Computing, engineering and polymer sciences converge in a new NSF doctoral traineeship. “Computing and Data Science Training for Materials Innovation, Discovery, AnalyticS” (NRT-MIDAS) will teach doctoral students how to use high-performance computing and data science to lead to new discoveries and innovations in the field of polymers.

Artificial intelligence for the masses

Professor Rudolph Eigenmann, interim chair of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences and NRT Core-team faculty member, is part of a $20 million National Science Foundation-funded project to expand access to artificial intelligence.

Exascale Computing Project Selects Sunita Chandrasekaran As Principal Investigator of the SOLLVE Project

As the new PI of SOLLVE, Chandrasekaran is charged with developing leading-edge parallel programming models and tools in collaboration with the LLVM community and participating high-performance computing system vendors. Prof. Sunita Chandrasekaran recently joined the BNL Computational Science Initiative (CSI) as part of the programming models and compiler team. She also continues as an associate professor in the Department of Computer & Information Sciences at the University of Delaware (UDEL).

In the past year, Arthi Jayaraman, Centennial Term Professor for Excellence in Research and Education in the College of Engineering, has been named a fellow of the American Physical Society, won an Impact Award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and was appointed deputy editor of a journal published by the American Chemical Society. Photo by Evan Krape.

A ‘Hat Trick’ of Honors for Arthi Jayaraman

With a passion for polymer research and teaching, Arthi Jayaraman, NRT director, often finds herself wearing a lot of hats. In the past year, three professional societies – American Physical Society (APS), American Chemical Society (ACS), and American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) recognize her contributions to physics, chemistry, and chemical engineering.