Summer Outreach

NRT MIDAS Summer of Science video series: Our NRT trainees have created a series of videos about their research to show the public about all the cool science they are working on!

About NRT MIDAS & The Summer of Science Video Series

Episode 1 – ‘Let’s Talk about Recycling Plastics’ Featuring Alison Shapiro and Jamael Ajah

Episode 2 – ‘Let’s Talk about Nylon Synthesis’ Featuring Peter Osazuwa and Ai Nin Yang

Episode 3 – ‘Let’s Talk about Slime’ Featuring Sean Farrington and Stephen Kronenberger

Episode 4 – ‘Let’s Talk about Machine Learning for Drug Discovery’ Featuring Destiny King and Julian Brown

Episode 5 – ‘Let’s Talk about Hydrogels’ Featuring Kayla Hepler and George Kramarenko