Summer 2022 NRT MIDAS Outreach

NRT MIDAS Summer of Science video series: Our 1st cohort of NRT trainees have created a series of videos about their research to show the public about all the cool science they are working on! You can also check these out in the NRT MIDAS Youtube channel

About NRT MIDAS & The Summer of Science Video Series

Episode 1 – ‘Let’s Talk about Recycling Plastics’ Featuring Alison Shapiro and Jamael Ajah

Episode 2 – ‘Let’s Talk about Nylon Synthesis’ Featuring Peter Osazuwa and Ai Nin Yang

Episode 3 – ‘Let’s Talk about Slime’ Featuring Sean Farrington and Stephen Kronenberger

Episode 4 – ‘Let’s Talk about Machine Learning for Drug Discovery’ Featuring Destiny King and Julian Brown

Episode 5 – ‘Let’s Talk about Hydrogels’ Featuring Kayla Hepler and George Kramarenko