Community Building

NRT trainees and faculty advisors will participate in community hours twice a month during the fall and spring semesters. This community hour will be open to the NRT trainees, NRT program coordinator, NRT core-team faculty members, primary or secondary doctoral thesis advisors of the trainees, and also to anyone (partner mentors, other UD and DSU graduate students, and postdocs) interested in participating in the community hour events.

The NRT community hour will feature research talks from the NRT MIDAS trainees, seminars from a diverse group of external speakers representing different cultural and technical backgrounds, career experiences (e.g., leaders from industry, national lab, government policy makers/experts, patent law, publishing industry, etc.), bi-annual integrated diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect (DEIR) workshops, team-building activities, as well as winter public/community outreach activity.

We anticipate these community hours will help trainees build strong relationships among their cohort, between cohorts, and with the core-team faculty members, and external partners.

Spring 2024 NRT MIDAS Community Hour Schedule

on Fridays at noon ET (hybrid). Please contact for zoom link

Fall 2023 NRT MIDAS Community Hour Schedule

on Fridays at noon ET (hybrid). Please contact for zoom link

Spring 2023 NRT MIDAS Community Hour Schedule 

on Fridays at noon ET (hybrid). Please contact for zoom link

  • 10 Feb Awareness of Mental Health Issues & Resources for Help (EMPOWER team from UD Chemical Engineering)
  • 24 Feb Creative new outreach and visualization in education from Dr. Luke Landherr (Northeastern University)
  • 10 Mar Machine Learning for Automating Biomaterials Synthesis and Experiments, Dr.
    Adam Gormley (Rutgers University, NJ)
  • 24 Mar – Computational design of soft materials for semiconductors and power generation and storage, Dr. Chad Risko (University of Kentucky)
  • 7 Apr – Career Panel (industry, national lab, and academia) Dr. Rama Vasudevan (Oak ridge National Lab), Dr. Corinne Carpenter (Head of Translational Research at nference) and Dr. Elif Eda Miskioğlu (Bucknell University)
  • 21 Apr – NRT Trainees’ (2nd Cohort) Summer Outreach Planning
  • 5 May – End of semester gathering of NRT team

Fall 2022 NRT MIDAS Community Hour Schedule

Spring 2022 NRT MIDAS Community Hour Schedule