Program Overview

Mentoring Program Overview for Current Faculty

The current UD COE faculty mentoring program is focused on tenure–track faculty. The COE recognizes that faculty members at all levels should have a variety of mentors/coaches and should seek a wide diversity of input. No one person knows or can communicate all aspects or needs. The members of this mentoring team will have different duties and provide various forms of input.

Types of Mentoring Roles

1. Evaluative

  • Department Chair input through yearly evaluations.
  • Department P&T committee through two and four year reviews

2. Procedural/Mechanics

  • A Senior faculty member from within the department – appointed by and monitored by the department chair.
  • This individual should meet formally monthly with the mentee and go over policies and procedures of the University, College and department.

3. Professional Life

  • A senior faculty member preferably from another institution – preferably within the candidates research area. This individual can directly recommend funding opportunities, external opportunities, national/international research opportunities and can give an outsiders view of events.

4. Other (as the mentee deems appropriate)

  • The mentor in this role may possibly be a senior faculty member from another department within the university who may have cultural, gender, international or other similarities with the mentee and thus can act as a conduit for specific local information and advice.
  • This individual’s vale, among others, is that he/she is not influenced by departmental politics.

*This web site deals primarily with items 1 and 2.

For questions or further clarification contact Pam Cook, Associate Dean of Engineering,