The Mentoring Program with the COE exists to assist new faculty in identifying and obtaining the resources and support that will help them be successful.

This program has at its core the need for a diversity of mentors for a diversity of input. This program was developed with support of an NSF ADVANCE P.A.I.D. grant HRD #- 0819993.

Why Have a Mentoring Program?


Upon arrival new faculty are faced with a new set of challenges such as setting up their research program, directing a lab and teaching a class. However, they have little knowledge of or experience with the policies, procedures, resources and culture of the University’s College of Engineering.

How does the Mentoring Program work?

Department chairs assign each assistant professor a formal (procedural) mentor. The formal mentor is generally a senior faculty member from the assistant professor’s department. The mentor/mentee pair should meet regularly, using the mentoring checklist as a guide. Please note, the formal mentor is not intended to replace other types of mentors, sponsors, advocates, peers, etc. All faculty members need a variety of mentors.

Find more mentoring resources on the UD ADVANCE website.