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The Delaware Longitudinal Study for Alzheimer’s Prevention (DeLSAP)

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A research study at the University of Delaware with two primary goals.

Goal #1

Study how risk and protective factors for dementia are related and change over time.

Examples of risk and protective factors include exercise, sleep, diet and social connection. Studying these could help scientists understand why the cognitive abilities of some individuals decline more than others.

Goal #2

Keep in touch with community members who want information about current and future research studies related to their risk and protective factors.

Research topics may include:

    • Can adding a new kind of exercise to a person’s routine improve memory and reduce risk of dementia?
    • Can teaching new memory strategies help a person live independently?
    • Can a blood test predict if a person’s memory will decline?

What are participants asked to do?

A) Once a year, participants fill out surveys about their overall health, memory, and other thinking abilities. They may do this on their own at home, or with help from our staff in person, by phone, or video chat.

B) Once a year, some participants may be invited to complete tests assessing their thinking and memory skills, either in person or on video chat, based on their preference.

C) Some participants may be required to have a ‘study partner’; someone who knows them well enough to answer questions about their health and thinking abilities. The study partner can answer these questions on their own or with assistance from our staff.

D) All participants have the option to undergo voluntary blood work and MRI testing, with compensation provided solely for the time spent on these procedures.

How long does this study last?

The annual check-in takes approximately 1 to 2 hours.

Participants are welcome for as many consecutive years as they would like, provided they continue to meet the eligibility criteria, until the study concludes. We plan to continue the study until 2053!

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Interested in this study?

Fill out a Participant Interest Form or learn more about volunteering for a research study on our Get Involved page.


Contact us at DelawareMemoryStudy@udel.edu