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Delaware Longitudinal Research Study of Alzheimer's Prevention (DeLSAP)

The DeLSAP is a long-term research project with two goals. First, it aims to study how risk and protective factors for dementia are related and change over time. Second, it aims to keep in touch with community members who want information about current and future research studies related to their risk and protective factors. 

Those involved in the DeLSAP also have the opportunity to participate in the DeLSAP Bio research study, which involves blood work and MRI testing.

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Promoting Independence with Compensatory Cognitive Rehabilitation (Memory Strategy Workshop)

This study aims to evaluate the effects of a new behavioral treatment, the Structured External Memory Aid Treatment (SEMAT) that is designed to promote independent living skills by explicitly teaching the use of memory strategies and tools to compensate for cognitive weaknesses. We are recruiting older adults aged 60-90 years old with mild memory loss to participate in this trial that consists of multiple visits in a group format. All study session are completed online via Zoom.

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DementiaBank: A Shared Database of Language and Cognitive Samples (Storytelling Study)

This study aims to create an online database of language and cognitive samples from older adults with various memory abilities. The database is anonymous, containing no personal information, and helps researchers understand how language and thinking abilities change with age. The study includes annual online sessions via Zoom and may qualify you for a compensated memory strategy workshop.

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Learn more: https://clinicaltrials.gov/study/NCT04820335

Motor Learning in Mild Cognitive Impairment

This study looks into how memory and thinking skills affect learning new movement patterns. It involves 3 or 5 visits to the Neuromotor Behavior Lab at the STAR Campus. During the visits, you’ll take memory tests, walk on a treadmill to learn a new walking pattern, and do surveys and assessments of your walking and balance. You will be compensated for your time.

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Brain Wellness Information, Support, and Empowerment (Brain-WISE) Program

The Brain-WISE program is a six-part series designed for older adults. This in-person program is done in groups and covers various topics relate to brain health.

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