Senior Design is the Capstone Course in the engineering undergraduate curriculum for several engineering programs at University of Delaware, including Mechanical Engineering (MEEG401) and Biomedical Engineering (BMEG450). During this semester-long course, teams of senior-level students work with industry sponsors and faculty advisers to develop real engineering system designs.

The objective of the course is for students to learn through the experience of developing a product-process system from concept through proof of concept in response to a real project sponsor’s business need.

Student teams are evaluated in three areas of team excellence: (1) Design Synthesis; (2) Continuous Communication; and (3) Resource Management.

Throughout the course, students learn to:

  • Discover customer requirements, and develop a business value based framework for their project
  • Generate valid engineering concept alternatives within the business framework
  • Propose & justify a specific concept that promises to best meet business goals/needs
  • Develop a detailed resource management plan
  • Develop the detailed design of a prototype of the best concept, including engineering specifications
  • Create a working prototype
  • Validate the concept using math based modelling technology in concert with the design and execution of an experimental process
  • Continuously communicate project results, status, and plans with all constituencies.

This website was designed primarily to provide course information for students taking Senior Design. However, the curriculum may also be of interest to students, educators, and practicing engineers interested in learning more about the design process. We also encourage potential project sponsors and alumni to visit our project archives and contact us for more information.