The Fab Lab

The Fab Lab is where all of the digital manufacturing and electronics prototyping happens.

3D Printing

2x Stratasys UPrint SE Plus FDM printers and a soluble support cleaning bath

1x Stratasys UPrint SE FDM printer

1x ZMorph FDM printer

1x Afinia H480 FDM printer

1x Form 1 SLA printer

Laser Cutter and Vacuum Former

1x Universal VLS4.60 Laser Cutter

Formech 508DT with trolley and reducing window


25x Sparkfun Inventor’s Kits available for students check out

3x Raspberry Pi 2 model B

4x Hakko FX888D Soldering Stations

consumable prototyping materials including  IC’s,  motors, and a wide variety of sensors

3D Printer Request Form

Want something 3D printed? Fill out the 3D printing request form and email your parts as STL files to

Laser Cutter Printing Request

Want something laser cut? Fill out the Laser Cutter request form and email your parts as .dwg,  .svg, or .img files to

Want to make laser-cutterable graphics from a Solidworks model? Follow this Instructable.

Want a Wifi Shield that Works in Spencer Lab?

Try following this: Adafruit WiFi Shield Setup

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