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Susanna M. Thon is currently an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. Her research is in the field of nanomaterials engineering for optoelectronic devices, with a specific focus on renewable energy conversion and storage. Her work applies techniques from nanophotonics and scalable fabrication to produce devices and materials with novel optical and electrical functionality. She obtained her Bachelors degree in Physics from MIT in 2005 and her Masters (2008) and PhD (2010) in Physics from the University of California Santa Barbara. Prior to coming to Johns Hopkins, she was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto.

Abstract for 2016 Materials Characterization Workshop at UD:

Scalable Fabrication and Characterization Techniques for Solution-Processed Solar Cells

The next generation of photovoltaics seeks to push the boundaries of both efficiency and cost-effectiveness through the use of flexible platforms and new materials.  Solution-processed technologies, such as organic polymers, colloidal quantum dots, and hybrid perovskites, offer an attractive route towards achieving these goals.  I will give an introduction to some of the scalable fabrication methods that are used to manufacture these materials and devices, including colloidal synthesis, reel-to-reel printing, electrodeposition and spray-casting techniques. Additionally, I will overview standard characterization techniques such as power conversion efficiency, quantum efficiency, and lifetime measurements for solar cell technology.