DELPHI 2016: Fellowship Opportunity Information

Once again, the Center for Material Culture Studies is running the Delaware Public Humanities Institute (DELPHI). University of Delaware MA and PhD students who are pursuing material culture-related projects are invited to apply for this fellowship. Twelve recipients will participate in a two-week Institute, June 6 – June 17, 2016, during which they will learn a variety of skills for engaging nonspecialists through public speaking and digital media. Fellows are also given $4500 to facilitate uninterrupted research to bring material culture projects to fruition.

Interested parties should attend the upcoming DELPHI information reception, on February 15th at 5:00PM. The reception will be held at Old College, Room 221, Newark, DE.

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Event Information:

DELPHI Information Reception

When: February 15th, 5:00PM

Where: Old College, Room 221, Newark, DE