Article TitleAuthor(s)Year
Postextrusion Heating in Three-Dimensional PrintingDavid A. Edwards, Michael E. Mackay2020
Computational fluid dynamics simulation of the melting process in the fused filament fabrication additive manufacturing techniqueDavid D. Phan, Jeffrey S. Horner, Zachary R. Swain, Antony N. Beris, Michael E. Mackay2020
Nonisothermal Welding in Fused Filament FabricationKeith Coasey, Kevin R. Hart, Eric Wetzel, David Edwards, Michael E. Mackay2020
Polymer and magnetic nanoparticle composites with tunable magneto-optical activity: role of nanoparticle dispersion for high verdet constant materialsNicholas G. Pavlopoulos, Kyungseok Kang, Lindsey Holmen, Nicholas Lyons, Farhoud Akhoundi, Kyle Carothers, Shelbi Jenkins, Taeheon Lee, Tobias Kochenderfer, Anthony Phan, David Phan, Michael Mackay, In-Bo Shim, Kookheon Char, Peyghambarian Nasser, Lloyd LaComb, Robert A. Norwood, Jeff Pyun2020
Chalcogenide hybrid inorganic/organic polymer resins: Amine functional prepolymers from elemental sulfurMetin Karayilan, Tristan S. Kleine, Kyle J. Carothers, Jared J. Griebel, Kevin M. Frederick, Douglas A. Loy, Richard S. Glass, Michael E. Mackay, Kookheon Char, Jeffrey Pyun2020
Infrared Fingerprint Engineering: A Molecular‐Design Approach to Long‐Wave Infrared Transparency with Polymeric MaterialsTristan S. Kleine, Taeheon Lee, Kyle J. Carothers, Meghan O. Hamilton, Laura E. Anderson, Liliana Ruiz Diaz, Nicholas P. Lyons, Keith R. Coasey, Wallace O. Parker Jr, Ludovico Borghi, Michael E. Mackay, Kookheon Char, Richard S. Glass, Dennis L. Lichtenberger, Robert A. Norwood, Jeffrey Pyun2019
Maximal 3D printing extrusion ratesDavid A. Edwards, Michael E. Mackay, Zachary R. Swain, Colby R. Banbury, David D. Phan2019
The importance of rheological behavior in the additive manufacturing technique material extrusionMichael E. Mackay2018
Rheological and heat transfer effects in fused filament fabricationDavid D. Phan, Zachary R. Swain, Michael E. Mackay2018
The effects of ICP dry etching and HF wet etching on the morphology of SiO2 surfaceKazy F. Shariar, Jie Zhang, Keith Coasey, Md Abu Sufian, Roddell Remy, Jing Qu, Michael E. Mackay, Yuping Zeng2018
Increased fracture toughness of additively manufactured amorphous thermoplastics via thermal annealingKevin R. Hart, Ryan M. Dunn, Jennifer M. Sietins, Clara M. Hofmeister Mock, Michael E. Mackay, Eric D. Wetzel2018
Functionalized chalcogenide hybrid inorganic/organic polymers (CHIPs) via inverse vulcanization of elemental sulfur and vinylanilinesYueyan Zhang, Tristan S. Kleine, Kyle J. Carothers, David D. Phan, Richard S. Glass, Michael E. Mackay, Kookheon Char, Jeffrey Pyun2018
A comparative study on the morphology of P3HT:PCBM solar cells with the addition of Fe3O4 nanoparticles by spin and rod coating methodsWenluan Zhang, Ngoc A. Nguyen, Roy Murray, Jiyuan Xin, Michael E. Mackay2017
Chalcogenide Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Polymers: Ultrahigh Refractive Index Polymers for Infrared ImagingLaura E Anderson, Tristan S. Kleine, Yueyan Zhang, David D. Phan, Soha Namnabat, Edward A. LaVilla, Katrina M. Konopka, Lilliana Ruiz Diaz, Michael S. Manchester, Jim Schwiegerling, Richard S. Glass, Michael E. Mackay, Kookheon Char, Robert A. Norwood, Jeffrey Pyun2017
The performance of the hot end in a plasticating 3D printerMichael E. Mackay, Zachary R. Swain, and Colby R. Banbury2017

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