PCT – Precision Coolant Technology

Kennametal has always been a leader in cutting tool technology, often developing new coatings, cutter materials, and shapes to improve tool life.  Now they’ve turned their attention to the other critical component of quality machining, coolant, and they seem to be just as determined to lead the industry in this area of technological advances.

With their newly developed PCT (Precision Coolant Technology) aptly named Beyond Blast, they’ve flipped the way we generally think of keeping tooling cool.  Instead of the typical point of contact coolant system, which has become an industry standard, the Beyond Blast  system focuses primarily in cooling the back of the tool.   Kennametal claims tool life improvements of up to 300% compared to traditional flood coolant systems, and after watching their pretty impressive video, it’s hard not to be a believer.  To find out exactly how it works, watch the video above, or you can read the company’s Beyond Blast Brochure.

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