Equipment List (Lu Lab: Room 221 & 224. Wang Lab: Room 202, 203 & 327):

Category Item description Vendor Specs Room
MicroCT Scanner uCT35 Scanco Three X-ray energy level; voxel resolution up to 3 micron; field of view up to 70 mm; various sized of holders; controller for imaging/reconstruction/evaluation software; remote access; 10TB storage; tape driver for backup. SPL203
  Post-processing suite custom Three networked high-speed PC (Intel Core i7) installed with Simpleware ScanIP (converting microCT to FEM meshes), Hypermesh (for meshing and elastic FEA package), and freeware FEBio (for biphasic and nonlinear FEA) SPL203
Microscope, Fluorescent Microscope, Confocal Microscope, and Accessories Epifluorescence Zeiss Upright; White field; fluorescence (DAPI, FITC, Cy3 filter sets); Color Axio CamMRc 5. SPL202
  Epifluorescence Zeiss Inverted; White field; fluorescence (DAPI, FITC, Cy3 filter sets); Monochrome Axio CamNRc; Motorized stage SPL202
  Epifluorescence Zeiss Imager A2; Upright; White field; fluorescence(DAPI, FITC, Cy3 filter sets); Colored Axio CamMRc 5 SPL327
  LSM 510 confocal (for FRAP, intracellular calcium and regular imaging) Zeiss Observer.Z1 (inverted configuration) with a lens Inverter to convert to upright; supported on Kinetic System air table; three PMT detectors for reflection/fluorescence and transmission lights; laser lines of Argon-458, 477, 488, 514nm; DPSS 516nm; HeNe 633nm; Diode 405-30nm SPL202
  Stereomicroscope Olympus SZx7; A wide 7:1 zoom; additional light source SPL327
  Fluorescent microscope DMI6000B Leica Inverted; Differential Interference Contrast; Ratiometric Fluorescence; Fluorescence (Texas Red, FITC, DAPI); High Speed EMCCD Camera; 3-Way Motorized Stage; Environmental Chamber for Long-Term Live Imaging SPL221
  Fluorescent light source Lambda DG-4 Ultra high speed wavelength switcher SPL221
Live Imaging System on Microscope Isofluorane anesthesia machine System Specialties For live animal studies, rodents are induced and maintained in anesthesia under mixture of isofluorane and oxygen SPL202
  Environmental Chamber (for calcium signaling) Haison Temperature and CO2 are controlled by pumping hot air and infusion of 5%CO2 and 95% air inside a plastic enclosure around the LSM510 confocal. SPL202
  PECON Incubation System 2000 PeCon GmbH For cell and culture on the microscope; highly precise temperature sensor; LCD display and foil keypad; standalone or connected to PC; on stage heating plate; SPL202


Category Item description Vendor Specs Room
Mechanical Testing Devices Bose Electroforce TestBench LSM1 (for in vivo loading) Bose Electromagnetic motor (peak force 225N, 0.5% resolution, 200Hz) with embedded LVDT sensor (2.5mm stroke, 0.5% resolution); both load and displacement control; reaction brackets with load cells (5, 10, 50lb); customized immersion chambers with compression and tension fixtures; WinTest controller and software; customized xyz translational platform for positioning SPL202
  Bose Electroforce TestBench LSM0 (for in situ imaging) Bose Electromagnetic motor (peak force 22N, 0.5% resolution, 20Hz) with embedded LVDT sensor (0.5mm stroke, 0.5% resolution); both load and displacement control; reaction brackets with load cells (5lb); customized immersion chambers with compression and tension fixtures; WinTest controller and software; customized xyz translational platform for positioning beside confocal. SPL202
  TA RSA-G2 Mechanical Dynamic Analyzer (for mechanical testing) TA Instruments Table top; dual motor/transducer design; open testing gap; step motor for head adjustment; 35N max load/10pN resolution; 1.5mm displacement/1nm resolution; displacement/load control modes; up to 100 Hz; oven temp up to 300oC; grips for 3-point bending and tension/compression in solutions; online data report in TRO software SPL202
  Piezo-positioning /loading system Custom For simultaneous imaging on either upright or inverted microscope stages. Include PIHera nanopositioning stage (p-625) with 0.5mm stroke and internal capacitive sensor and PI amplifier/servo-controller; Custom LabView based control software and water baths for imaging and loading fixtures. SPL202
  Instron 5848 MicroTester Instron Two configurations (vertical and horizontal) 1-100 lbs load cells (0.1% accuracy) SPL221
  Instron ElectroPuls Instron ElectroPuls E3000 with environmental chamber SPL224
  microTesters* Custom Two micro-loading devices for compression test and mechanical stimulation of cartilage explants. Located in biological safety hoods. SPL221
  Triobometer Custom Tribometer for friction test. Measure the friction coefficient of cartilage surface in various loading/sliding profiles SPL224
  Microindenter* Custom Micro-loading device for indentation; 10 gram force load cell; 60 nm displacement resolution; Compact size fits in biological safety hood and incubator SPL224
Optical Strain Mapping System VIC-3D microscope system Correlated Solutions For mapping 3D surface strain on curved samples; includes a dual high-resolution camera mounted on a stereomicroscope; field of view (0.2mm-7mm); resolution 100 microstrain; PC-based control system for camera calibration; image correlation software for 3D strain mapping; accessories include airbrush for pattern generation, XYZ table, calibration grids. SPL202
Physiological Manipulation PHD Ultra Syringe Pump Harvard Apparatus For perfusion of tissues and cells; microfluidic applications; drug deliver; Infuse/withdraw programmable; from pico-liter to 220ml/min flow rates; advanced programming without PC; Color LCD touch screen; vertical and horizontal orientation SPL202


Category Item description Vendor Specs Room
Sample Preparation, Histology, & Histomorphometry IPC High Precision MultiChannel Dispenser ISMATEC For perfusion of tissue samples and cells; peristaltic pump with low pulse; Flow rate from 0.002-44ml/min; remote controllable. SPL202
  Mikro-Tip catheter blood pressure measuring system Millar Electrophysiology catheter (SPR-1000) with high precision and high frequency (>300 Hz) measurement; signaling conditioner, calibration, data display and acquisition included in PCU-2000 box SPL202
  Manipulators Narishige M-152 manual manipulator attached to microscope stage or standalone pole; MMO-220 single axis oil hydraulic micromanipulator for fine control. SPL202
  Diamond saws Buehler Three Isomet (low speed and 1000 precision) saws to cut large and small samples; multiple fixtures with various degrees of freedom; water baths; 3”-7” diamond blades SPL224, SPL327
  3D Milling machine Roland Table top 3D milling machine for creating planar and 3D samples SPL327
  Plastic embedding system UD An ultrasound heating bath for PMMA solutions; A Fisher Isotemp oven for curing plastics; a custom made polishing stations for polishing thin (50-200 micron) sections; graded sand papers and polishing media. SPL327
  Histology staining station Fisher Racks of staining dishes containing various agents; chemical hood SPL327
  OsteoMeasure XP bone histo-morphometry system OsteoMetrics Extensive interactive bone histomorphometry analysis system with high resolution digital color video camera (4080×3072). SPL327
  Biological Safety Cabinets NuAire Two Type A2 Class II Biological Safety Cabinets; Six Feet SPL221
Tissue Culture CO2 Incubators Thermo Scientific Two Heracell Incubators; Pure Copper Interior; Rapid Humidity Recovery; CO2 and O2 control SPL221
  Biological Safety Cabinet I NUAIRE CellGard NU-480-600 Class II, 6 feet, Type A2 SPL221
  Biological Safety Cabinet II SterilGARD SterilGARD, Class II, 4 feet, Type A/B3 SPL221
  Water Bath Thermo Scientific Two Isotemp water bath SPL221
  Centrifuge Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend Centrifuge; Ventilated; 15.2k rpm; Digital Control SPL221
  Oven Lab companion Forced convection oven, 3.6 cu.ft SPL221
  Autoclave VWR Accu sterilizer AS10 SPL221
  Microscope Leica DM IL LED, phase contrast SPL221
  Bioreactor Custom Bioreactor for Cartilage-Bone Explant Culture; Circulating Medium Supply System SPL221
  Zen 2010 software/FCS Zeiss Full license for confocal image analysis including FCS and STICS packages SPL206
Software, Server, Workstation Volocity PerkinElmer 3D reconstruction and rendering based on 2D series of images; Quantitation offers object identification, measurements, tracking. SPL206
  Various workstations for imaging analysis, FEM simulation, CAD, and statistical analysis HP Two Workstations with Dual Intel Xeon E5606 2.13 8MB/1066 CPU; 48GB DDR-3 RAM; 160GB+1000GB HDD SPL206, SPL224
    Dell Precision T7500 with a Wacom tablet for analyzing microCT 3D data and tracing ROI on 2D images SPL206
    Dell Two Precision T3500 and two T3400 PCs for numerical simulations running MATLAB, Fortran, and C SPL206
    Custom Built Eight custom built multi-core workstations for finite element simulation with FEBio installed SPL224
    Synology DS415+ NAS system for data storage and backup SPL224
Freezer and Refrigerator Subzero Freezer Thermo Scientific Two Revco Elite PLUS, -86 degree, 25 cu ft SPL221, SPL327
  Subzero Freezer Panasonic MDFU53VAPA – VIP ULTRALOW FREEZER UPRIGHT 18CUFT 115V SPL202
  Refrigerator/freezer combo Panasonic MPR715FPA – REFRIGERATOR 14.7CUFT FREEZER 6.2CUFT CO SPL203


Category Item description Vendor Specs Room
Chemical Assay Fluorescence Microplate Reader Molecular Devices Gemini EM SPL224
  Absorbance Microplate Reader Molecular Devices SpectraMax 340PC SPL224
  Homogenizer Scientific BeadBug Microtube D1030 for tissue homogenizer SPL224
  Thermomixer Eppendorf Thermomixer R (1.5ml) for PCR SPL224
  Incubating shaker Thermo Scientific MaxQ4450 Benchtop incubating shaker, digital SPL224
  Rocker (2) Scilogex SK-O180-Pro Orbital Digital Shaker SPL224
  Balance I Mettler Toledo XS64 SPL224
  Balance II Denver TP-3102 SPL224
  Ultrasonic Cleaner Kendal 6 Liters 380 Watts Heated ultrasonic cleaner SPL224
  Stir Hot Plate Fisher Four 7×7 hot plates SPL224
  Roller Pump ISMATEC Low-Flow 24 Channel roller pump with computer control SPL224
PCR and Western Blot Real Time PCR system ABI QuantStudio 3 Real-Time PCR System SPL224
  Fluorescent Imaging System BIORAD Gel Doc System with CCD, high-resolution, high-sensitivity detection technology, support multiple detection methods SPL224
  Electrophoresis and blotting system BIORAD 10-well, 1.0 mm, 4-gel system (#165-8001) and blotting module (#170-3935) SPL224
  Power Supply BIORAD Universal Power Supply #164507 SPL224
Miscellaneous Glassware Washer Labconco SteamScrubber DI water glassware washer SPL221

* If you are interested in building a similar loading device, we can share with you the design, part numbers and Labview control program.
** If you need any user feedback info about the devices, feel free to contact Dr. Lu ()