Our research focuses on osteoarthritis and cartilage biomechanics, in particular, the prevention and treatment of post-traumatic osteoarthritis. 

Using advanced mechanical technology, microscopy techniques,  proteomics and big data analysis, we investigate new pharmaceutical solutions for the prevention of osteoarthritis after joint injuries, such as ACL rupture and meniscus tears.

Our current research includes six specific topics: (1) Statin for the prevention of osteoarthritis after joint injuries – a molecular mechanism study and an epidemiology study of Delaware population, (2) Spontaneous calcium signaling of chondrocytes and bone cells, (3) Resveratrol for the treatment of osteoarthritic cartilage, (4) Biomechanics and tribology of temporomandibular joint (TMJ), (5) Rehabilitation protocol after cartilage repair surgery, immediate vs. delayed weight bearing, and (6) Detection of circulatory tumor cells using nano-materials.

X. Lucas Lu


Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Delaware

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