Current Member: Roshaan Surendhran

Graduate Student since Fall 2018

Education: B.S. Chemical Engineering , B.S. Chemistry (Double Major) – University at Buffalo

Thesis Topic: Catalytic Upgrading of Unconventional Feedstocks for Industrial Chemicals

Research Description: Roshaan’s research focuses on catalysis and catalyst design for upgrading alternative feedstocks to industrial chemicals. He currently investigates polypropylene upgrading via radical processes as a part of the plastics deconstruction efforts conducted by the Center for Plastics Innovation. Prior works include development of zeolite encapsulated metal catalysts, batch reactor design for catalyst testing under medium and high-pressure conditions, and tandem biomass reforming via size-selective hydrogenation catalysts.


Other fun facts or hobbies: In his free time, Roshaan can be found reading a book or involved in some outdoor activity.