I am an anti-racist, decolonial, feminist scholar, using food and agricultural production as a lens to explore human-environment interactions and geopolitical spaces. I currently conduct research and teach at the University of Delaware in the Department of Geography & Spatial Sciences (link). I hold a joint appointment with the Department of Women & Gender Studies and am affiliate faculty in Latin American & Iberian Studies. I co-direct the Embodiment Lab with my colleagues Paul Jackson and Julie Klinger.

Naylor – Curriculum Vitae 2021 (Updated 03.2021)

As a political geographer, I am primarily interested in investigating the multi-sited ‘geo’ of geopolitics and examining how it is written across space, place, and bodies. I draw from frameworks in critical and feminist geopolitics, political ecology, decolonial philosophy, and diverse economies to ground action-oriented research.

Specific topics that I focus on include:

  • food justice and food sovereignty
  • home gardens and urban food forests
  • alternative agri-food systems
  • agroecological systems
  • fair trade
  • the body
  • breastfeeding, human milk expression, and donor human milk
  • material relations
  • resistance
  • solidarity
  • autonomy
  • diverse and community economies
  • knowledge production
  • climate change

My regional focus is primarily Latin America, however, I also conduct research in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic and have previously worked in the Caribbean, Spain and the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

Audio & Video about my work:

Fair Trade Rebels
New Books Network Podcast with Renata Blumberg, Montclaire State University



Craft Beverage Production in Delaware
First State Insights Podcast with Troy Mix, University of Delaware, Institute for Public Administration







Conversation with a Geographer: Dr. Lindsay Naylor Visiting Geographical Scientist Program – Grand Rapids Community College



“Professor Lindsay Naylor Brings Food and Geography Together.” WVUD Campus Voices



Eat This Podcast
© Jeremy Cherfas

“Pushing good coffee: Beyond merely fair in search of ethical trade.” Eat This Podcast. Features Dr. Naylor’s research on fair trade coffee in Chiapas, Mexico.







Naylor and Jackson - WVUDGeography Matters! Listen to Drs. Lindsay Naylor and Paul Jackson discuss “Where & Why: Human Geography” on WVUD’s Campus Voices.

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