LIMS and LBASIC Documentation

This page contains documents that are available in LIMS instalation directory. You should use those because the formatting of these documents is not WordPress friendly and links may not work as intended. My apologies.

The files are pure text and searchable. The files will be added and cleaned as time permits but, as you can browse them from the local drive in better format this is not a priority.

LBASIC 5.0.7 Command Line Reference

Note that in this file, the links are all internal and seem to work.

LIMS File Formats

This file describes the way LIMS files are formatted and how to control that from LIMS command line or script. Several points should be made:

  • For usual purpose, only the text formats are usable as the binary formats depend on compiler used to build LIMS and the other application.
  • The non-isothermal data are not applicable for LIMS 5.0 release.
  • Most of the problems of getting the data in and out can be handled by GMSH, anyway.

LBASIC Language Guide