Using GMSH with LIMS

Support for GMSH program has been added to LIMS in Release 5.0.7. GMSH is free pre-and post-processor with solid ability to import CAD parts and mesh them and nice data processing and output capabilities. The import and export support is within LIMS engine, not within LimsUI, and to use the GMSH generated meshes you will need to use the command line version of LIMS to convert them. For more details how the mesh is converted and how to provide customized material data see LIMS documentation.

This tutorial walks you through two-way cooperation between LIMS and GMSH:

  1. Building part and meshing it in GMSH, converting it to DMP in LIMS and loading it into LimsUI.
  2. Making LimsUI script save the results in GMSH format and opening them in GMSH.

It shows the necessary steps and how to accomplish these. You need the files installed with LIMS and installation of GMSH to run this tutorial. Note that the video is HD and you may prefer to see it in full screen mode.

If you run LIMS in Virtual Machine with Windows on LINUX, you might want to use the version of GMSH that comes with your LINUX distribution. In that case use dos2unix package to move the text files between platforms.

Important note: It seems that the newer GMSH for windows (2.8.4) defaults to newer format on “save”. Use “save as…” -> “GMSH mesh” -> Version 2, ASCII to get the mesh readable in LIMS.