Modeling Vents in LimsUI

The LIMS engine allows one to add vents (that keep pressure and allow resin escape) and can track voids being pushed and compacted through the preform. The direct access to this functionality is missing from LimsUI. Generally, the simulation with non-zero vent pressure and voids may have significant difficulty in terminating properly. The script generated by LimsUI solves this by terminating whenever the void moves – meaning control volume gets emptied. That may be too early. To get a better simulation, you will have to run the problem from command line interface.

However, the simulation run with vent and non-zero pressure can provide information about the expected size of the captured void. This tutorial shows how the vent definition can be added to LimsUI and used in filling simulation. It demonstrates captured void.

The tutorial shows the necessary steps and how to accomplish them within LimsUI. The tutorial uses only the standard files installed with LIMS. Note that the video is HD and you may prefer to see it in full screen mode.

If you start modeling with vents, there are significant chances of simulation not terminating properly. LimsUI will try to kill the simulation if asked but should it fail the process “limsslv *32” may need to be stopped from task manager.