I joined the University of Delaware in 2017. I have been a member of Baylor University’s CASPER research group since 2015. From 2012-2017 I was an Assistant Professor in the Math Department at Baylor University. Prior, I was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University for three years where I worked with A. Poltoratski and R.G. Douglas. I received my Ph.D. in 2009 from Brown University under S. Treil, and completed my undergraduate studies at the Universität Stuttgart in 2004 under T. Weidl (undergraduate thesis advisor).

My mathematical interests revolve around topics in harmonic and complex analysis. Rank one and finite rank perturbations are a favorite of mine. Much of my work is motivated by mathematical physics and the spectral theory of self-adjoint operators.

I am the sole PI on the research grant NSF-DMS 1802682 (previously NSF-DMS 1700204). Previously I have held the Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant #426258 as well as NSF-DMS 1261687 (previously NSF-DMS 1101477).

When I am not working (almost never), I spend time with my family. My husband is an Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware Mechanical Engineering Department. We have two children. I like to play table tennis, listen to music, and swim. I absolutely love the mountains and downhill skiing.

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