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All Gender Housing

All Gender housing is an option for all upper division undergraduate students, at least 18 years of age, who are eligible for University housing. This may include those who identify as transgender or are questioning their gender identity or do not wish to adhere to prescribed gender classifications.  All Gender housing also decreases heteronormative assumptions regarding housing assignments.

All Gender Restrooms

Comprehensive list of all gender restrooms on UD’s academic campus

Faculty and Staff Ally List





Faculty/Staff Caucus

The LGBT Faculty/Staff Caucus serve as a resource for LGBT employees or advocates and offer a safe and inclusive environment, while contributing to a culturally rich campus through community building with other UD organizations, programs and students.


Haven is UD’s largest LGBTQ+ registered student organization. Their mission is to support and strengthen UD’s LGBTQ+ student community and they welcome all participants.

Perkins Student Center 019D

Center for Counseling and Student Development

Provides professional short-term personal and career counseling for UD student. Individual and group counseling available. Service is free and confidential.

261 Perkins Student Center  (302) 831 – 2141

Lav Chats

Enjoy Free pizza and soda at biweekly meetings organized by Counseling and Student Development and co-sponsored by Haven where questioning and queer students chat in a safe space about coming out, sexual and gender identities, dating and relationships, and much more

Living Out Loud LGBTQQ+ Group

Join other LGBTQ+ and questioning undergraduate and graduate students to learn about themselves and their relationships with others, and to discuss a variety of topics, such as relationships, dating, coming out, family, spirituality/religion, and more, in a safe, supportive environment

 LGBTQ+ and Racial Justice Activism Living Learning Community

This Living Learning Community is in response to the growing socio-political awareness and activism of today’s college students. Many students on campuses across the globe have identified the need to actively transform our world into a more respectful, just and nurturing environment for all. Students at UD are mobilizing to create substantive change. Contact: Pascha Bueno-Hansen, Assistant Professor, Director of the Sexualities and Gender Studies Minor, Women and Gender Studies Department: pbh@udel.edu


Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (oSTEM) is an organization dedicated to educating and fostering leadership for LGBTQ+ communities in the fields of STEM. oSTEM educates, empowers, and engages a diverse community. They identify, address, and advocate for the needs of LGBTQ+ students in the fields of STEM and fulfill student needs through mentorship connections, networking opportunities, strategic collaborations, and professional/leadership development.


speQtrum is a registered student organization formed for and by queer and trans people of color (QTPOC) at the University of Delaware. Our mission is to cater to the specific needs of QTPOC by engaging in arts, education, community, intersectionality, and activism. speQtrum holds member meetings for queer students of color every other Friday at 5PM in Gore 117 throughout the academic year. Public events are held on campus and are open to everyone. Follow us on social media for upcoming events and more information @speQtrumUD!