Invited Speaker: Chris Crespo

Turning the Politically Incorrect Into an Opportunity to Connect

Chris Crespo, Inclusiveness Director with Ernst and Young (center), pictured with leaders of the UD diversity community (from left to right): Karla Bell, LGBTQ Caucus Co-Chair; Christine Grott, LGBTQ Caucus Co-Chair; Carol Henderson, Vice Provost of Diversity; Alexandria de Aranzet, Senior Associate Director of the Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI); Shauna Vican, Director of the UD Advance Institute (photo credit: Evan Krape / University of Delaware)

“Political Correctness” – a term that may either send shivers up your spine because you believe it is a farce or it is a term that encourages you to think critically about the society that surrounds you.  This term hit the spotlight during our most recent Presidential election resulting in a deep division among the public as to the term’s effectiveness.

The LGBTQ Caucus, along with support from the Vice Provost of Diversity, OEI, UDAdvance,, Lerner Diversity Council and Career Services, sponsored Ms. Chris Crespo, Ernst and Young’s Inclusiveness Director to speak to UD Faculty, Staff and Students on March 1,2017 about the importance of Networking with a Keynote Address and a Workshop entitled: “Turning the Politically Incorrect into an Opportunity to Connect.”  It is important for colleagues and leaders at business establishments and organizations to network.  Does networking mean that corporate entities should only network with other corporate entities?  Non-Profits solely with non-profits?  Managers with other managers?  Administrative Assistants with Administrative Assistants?  What are the benefits of networking “outside” of your bubble?  What does “Political Correctness” have to do with Networking?

The take away from Ms. Crespo’s keynote and workshop is to eliminate the barriers that keep us from knowing others.  Barriers that we use to isolate others based on differences (professionally and personally).  Have a well-rounded group of colleagues to network with not only in your profession but from other walks of life.  Abolish stereotypes that build walls;  work with others and determine your commonalities and learn what individuals can bring to the table from their unique perspectives.  Learning to build networks and teams brings about an effectiveness in the workplace that can make great profits for corporations and help strengthen services provided to consumers of non and not-for-profits and other agencies.

So be “Politically Incorrect” and connect with teammates, colleagues and those outside your profession to build great networks of diversity and inclusiveness.

Chris Crespo addressing UD community members at her keynote address (photo credit: Evan Krape / University of Delaware)

Attendees at the workshop (photo credit: Evan Krape / University of Delaware)