2017 Triangle Award

The Triangle award recognizes outstanding leadership and contributions in promoting an inclusive and safe campus climate that respects the diversity of the LGBTQ community at University of Delaware. The “Triangle” represents three key components of leadership for our community: support, advocacy, and visibility.  The LGBTQ Caucus created this award to recognize and thank folks in the UD community for their tireless efforts in being visible and active in improving the campus environment for students and employees through support and resources. This year, there are two recipients:

Dr. Pascha Bueno-Hansen

Jay Alston

Dr. Pascha Bueno-Hansen, Associate Professor, Department of Women and Gender Studies

  • Bueno-Hansen was described by her nominees as a “fantastic advocate and voice in the community.” Pascha worked tirelessly initiating a Living Learning Community dedicated to recognizing and honoring the legacy of intersectionality in contemporary and historical models of social activism. This LLC will foster activists of today. She felt that our campus needed a space for first year students to develop the capacity to not only critique social injustice but to develop the skills necessary to interrupt them.
  • In addition to her dedicated effort in the LLC, Pascha has given countless hours to the advisement and development of queer students of color on UD’s campus. It has been through her love that these students, whom are often on the margins of mainstream LGBT communities, have found their voice and created a new Registered Student Organization, SpeQtrum. SpeQtrum represents not only visibility, but agency of Queer Folks of color, and it was Pascha’s leadership that promoted its development.

Jay Alson, Senior, Past President of Haven

  • From the get-go Jay Alston has been an ardent supporter and advocate for marginalized peoples — particularly for the LGBTQ community, of course, but never without meaningful consideration for the intersections of other social identities as well.
  • Jay was a major player in mobilizing against the hateful Milo Yiannopoulos through the Unity Fair, from the letters written to President Assanis to coining the name of the event. Jay is a founding member of Honors Mosaic, an organization for all students of color, and took the lead on focusing its mission through the lens of intersectionality.
  • Even after his year as President of Haven, Jay still fought to establish a brand new RSO, speQtrum, that creates a more intersectional space on campus where students who are LGBTQ and of color no longer have to choose between both identities, but can have both equally celebrated. Jay is a strategic, critical, unapologetic advocate for LGBTQ rights, one who not only talks the talk but walks the walk, utilizing an expansive network and relationships with stakeholders to further the mission of increasing visibility and rights for LGBTQ students at UD.

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