Women’s Studies Major

Please see our Women’s Studies major webpage.  UD has a rich variety of courses which  illustrates the diversity surrounding us, reflecting differences in culture, ethnicity, gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, age, social class,  sexuality, ability and much, much more.  Examples of such courses:

WOMS200 Cultural Introduction to Sexualities and Gender Studies 3 Hrs
WOMS201 Introduction to Women’s Studies 3 Hrs
WOMS202 Women’s Studies in Global Context 3 Hrs
WOMS203 Contemporary Moral Problems 3 Hrs
WOMS204 Gender and Communication 3 Hrs
WOMS205 Women in the Arts and Humanities 3 Hrs
WOMS206 Women and Work 3 Hrs
WOMS207 Women, Power and Success 3 Hrs
WOMS208 Current Issues in Sexuality and Gender Lecture Series 1-3 Hrs
WOMS210 Women and Religion 3 Hrs
WOMS211 Men, Conflict and Social Change 3 Hrs
WOMS212 Motherhood in Culture and Politics 3 Hrs
WOMS213 Men and Women in American Society 3 Hrs
WOMS215 Queer Sexual Imagery in the Visual Arts 3 Hrs
WOMS216 Introduction to Feminist Theory 3 Hrs
WOMS222 Language and Gender 3 Hrs
WOMS223 Food, Gender and Culture 3 Hrs
WOMS233 Women, Biology and Medicine 3 Hrs
WOMS240 Women and Violence 3 Hrs
WOMS242 Woman As Image and Imagemaker 3 Hrs
WOMS250 Topics in International Women’s Studies 3-6 Hrs
WOMS260 Women: Cultural Representations 3 Hrs
WOMS290 Women and Gender in International Films 1 Hrs
WOMS291 Women’s History Through Film 1 Hrs
WOMS298 Research on Race, Ethnicity and Culture 1 Hrs
WOMS299 Research on Women 1 Hrs
WOMS300 Women in American History 3 Hrs
WOMS301 Gay and Lesbian Film 3 Hrs
WOMS302 Women in Music: An Alternate Survey 3 Hrs
WOMS304 Adolescent Girls in Multicultural Perspective 3 Hrs
WOMS305 The Evolution of Human Sex Roles and Reproduction 3 Hrs
WOMS310 Asian Women’s Lives 3 Hrs
WOMS311 Renaissance Women, Society and the Arts 3 Hrs
WOMS312 Asian Women in the Globalized Workplace 3 Hrs
WOMS315 Third World Women in Politics 3 Hrs
WOMS316 Islam and Gender 3 Hrs
WOMS318 Studies in Film 3-6 Hrs
WOMS319 Topics: French Literature in Translation 3 Hrs
WOMS320 Varying Authors and Genres 3 Hrs
WOMS321 Topics: Chinese Literature in Translation 3 Hrs
WOMS322 Topics: Classical Literature in Translation 3 Hrs
WOMS323 Introduction to Women and Politics 3 Hrs
WOMS324 Feminism and Sexualities 3 Hrs
WOMS325 Topics: German Literature in Translation 3 Hrs
WOMS326 Topics: Hispanic Literature in Translation 3-12 Hrs
WOMS327 Race, Gender, Science 3 Hrs
WOMS328 Topics: Japanese Literature in Translation 3-6 Hrs
WOMS329 Topics: Italian Literature in Translation 3 Hrs
WOMS330 Varying Authors, Themes, and Movements 3 Hrs
WOMS332 Women, Race, and Ethnicity 3 Hrs
WOMS333 Psychology of Women 3 Hrs
WOMS334 African American Women’s History 3 Hrs
WOMS336 Feminist Cultural Studies 3 Hrs
WOMS337 Victorian Fiction 3 Hrs
WOMS350 Gender and Criminal Justice 3 Hrs
WOMS352 Studies in Nineteenth Century Literature 3 Hrs
WOMS353 Twentieth Century British Literature 3 Hrs
WOMS363 Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective 3 Hrs
WOMS366 Independent Study 1-6 Hrs
WOMS372 Japan’s Global Pop Culture 3 Hrs
WOMS375 Topics: Russian and Soviet Culture in Translation 3 Hrs
WOMS380 Women Writers 3 Hrs
WOMS381 Women in Literature 3 Hrs
WOMS382 Studies in Multicultural Literature in English 3 Hrs
WOMS383 Chinese Culture in Translation 3 Hrs
WOMS385 Women and the Economy 3 Hrs
WOMS387 History of Sexuality in the U.S. 3 Hrs
WOMS389 Topics: Women and Health Issues 3 Hrs
WOMS401 Foundations of Human Sexuality 3 Hrs
WOMS402 Topics in Constitutional Law 3 Hrs
WOMS407 Sociology of Sex and Gender 3 Hrs
WOMS409 Domestic Violence Services 3 Hrs
WOMS410 The Study of Women’s Studies 3 Hrs
WOMS411 Seminar in American History 3 Hrs
WOMS412 Race and Sexuality 3 Hrs
WOMS413 Topics in American Government 3 Hrs
WOMS414 Women and Gender in Healthcare 3 Hrs
WOMS415 Race, Class, and Gender 3 Hrs
WOMS417 Sex Crimes and Punishments 3 Hrs
WOMS418 Race, Gender, and Poverty 3 Hrs
WOMS419 Social Psychological Aspects of Clothing 3 Hrs
WOMS420 Women’s Studies Senior Thesis 3-6 Hrs
WOMS430 Family Life Education 3 Hrs
WOMS436 Politics and Literature 3 Hrs
WOMS439 Women and Revolution in Africa 3 Hrs
WOMS440 Topics in Interpersonal Communication 3 Hrs
WOMS442 Topics in Organizational Communication 3-9 Hrs
WOMS444 Seminar: Women in the Islamic Middle East 3 Hrs
WOMS466 Independent Study 1-6 Hrs
WOMS472 Seminar in Medieval History 3 Hrs
WOMS475 Seminar in Modern European History 3 Hrs
WOMS480 Seminar 3 Hrs
WOMS483 Injury Considerations for the Female Athlete 3 Hrs
WOMS484 Women in Sports 3 Hrs
WOMS498 Internship in Women’s Studies 3 Hrs
WOMS610 Critical Issues in Feminist Scholarship 3 Hrs
SGST200 Cultural Introduction to Sexualities and Gender Studies 3 Hrs
SGST208 Current Issues in Sexuality and Gender Lecture Series 1-3 Hrs
SGST266 Special Problem 1-3 Hrs
SGST301 Gay and Lesbian Film 3 Hrs
SGST366 Independent Study 1-6 Hrs
SGST387 History of Sexuality in the U.S. 3 Hrs
SGST420 Race and Sexuality 3 Hrs