FAQ for Students

**Please note: Some questions have different answers based on the status of undergraduate or graduate student.**

Does the University prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity or gender expression?


Does the University recognize civil unions or same-sex marriages?


As an undergraduate student, where do I go if I have a question or problem related to my gender identity and/or sexual orientation?

            The LGBT Program Coordinator in the Office of the Dean of Students is a solid first connection point for these questions or problems.  The trained staff is available to meet with undergraduate students one-on-one, advocate on their behalf, and connect them to other helpful campus resources.

As a graduate student, I feel like I am being discriminated against because of my sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Where can I go to talk about my options?

Graduate students can reach out to various offices if they are facing issues of discrimination. The Office of Equity and Inclusion can assist graduate students by providing them resources and facilitating conversations with other offices. Graduate students can also reach out to their department chair or the office of Graduate & Professional Education.

Does the University Student Insurance policy cover gender confirmation surgery for transgender students?

            No, the graduate student insurance policy does not cover gender confirmation surgery.

Does the University Student Insurance policy cover gender confirmation surgery for transgender students?

            No, the undergraduate student and graduate student insurance policicies do not cover gender confirmation surgery.

Does the University Student Insurance Policy cover hormone therapy for transgender students?

            No, both the undergraduate student and graduate student insurance policies do not cover hormone therapy.

Is Student Health Services aware and comfortable dealing with the needs of LGBTQ students?

            Yes, the employees at SHS are knowledgeable about LGBTQ health concerns and some employees have been ally-trained. For more information, visit their website at http://www.udel.edu/studenthealth/

Are there LGBTQ sensitive counseling services available for students?

                        Yes, the Center for Counseling and Student Development has staff that is knowledgeable and aware of the challenges facing the LGBTQ community. CCSD offers a range of gay affirmative therapy services from individual/couples therapy to outreach services. Additionally, many staff members have been through the UD Ally Training.

For undergraduate students, CCSD also hosts Lavender chats, which is an open bimonthly discussion series for individuals who identify as part of the LGBTQ community. Lavender chats provide students with a safe space to chat about a wide range of topics related to LGBTQ issues, such as coming out, dating, sexual and gender identities, relationships with family and friends, dealing with bias and discrimination, religion/spirituality, finding acceptance and community, and more. CCSD also hosst a closed group (5-7 students) called Living Out Loud (LOL) where students learn about themselves and others, provide support, and discuss a variety of topics, such as relationships, dating, coming out, family, spirituality/religion, and more, in a safe, supportive environment. If interested in Living Out Loud, contact CCSD to check for available openings.

Are there gender neutral restrooms on campus?

Yes. Here is a list of all gender neutral restrooms

Are there transgender-friendly on-campus housing options?

            Yes, All Gender Housing is available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are at least 18 years of age.  If space does not exist, Residence Life & Housing staff members will work with any First Year student to find them a comfortable housing alternative, and they should contact the office directly at (302)-831-4663 and request to speak with an Assignments staff member. Please visit the Residence life & Housing web page to learn more about this and other housing options:  http://www.udel.edu/reslife/explore_housing/allgender.html

Are there LGBTQ friendly off-campus housing options for graduate students?

            Yes. The state of Delaware’s Fair Housing Act protects against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity for all public housing.

How do I get my name and gender changed on University records?

To change one’s name on official University records, complete the following form. http://www.udel.edu/registrar/students/forms/namechange.html Please note, a change of name request form can only be approved with a legal documentation of the name change.

To change one’s gender, an individual has a few options. If the change in gender is not reflected in a legal document, the student can call the registrar at 831-2131and inform the office of the gender preference. If the change in gender is reflected on a legal document, and coincides with a name change, the student can complete the name change form and notify of the change in gender there as well.

Is there an active LGBTQ undergraduate student organization on campus?

            Yes, HAVEN is the undergraduate LGBTQIA+ student organization on campus. HAVEN has a very strong presence on campus and hosts many events.  Visit their website to get more information: http://sites.udel.edu/haven/

Is there an active LGBTQ graduate student organization on campus?

            Yes. Prism is the LGBTQ graduate student organization. Prism’s mission is to support and foster the graduate LGBTQ community at University of Delaware, and to partner with and aid other organizations that share mutual goals. Visit Prism’s Facebook page to learn more about the organization or email them directly at udelprism@gmail.com.

Is there an official University welcome for LGBTQ students?

            Yes, the LGBT Program Coordinator in the Office of Dean of Students, HAVEN and other offices and organizations on campus host the annual Lavender Reception to welcome LGBTQ students to the University. The reception takes place during 1743 Welcome Days.

Can graduate students receive sensitivity training?

            Graduate students can access workshops offered by the Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI)  http://www.udel.edu/oei/ , Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning (CTAL) http://ctal.udel.edu/graduate-students/ , and Employee Education and Development (EED) http://www.udel.edu/eed/  which often deal with issues surrounding diversity, inclusivity and sensitivity.

How can I find supportive faculty and staff?

The Office of the Dean of Students has an Allies Network. Allies are individuals who have gone through Ally training and are passionate about supporting the LGBTQ community and prepared to assist LGBTQ students.  Visit the Allies website to get a list of current members. https://sites.udel.edu/lgbt-allies/

Are there LGBT-specific courses offered through various programs and departments?

            Yes, the Women and Gender Studies Department offers a minor in sexuality and gender studies. Visit their website to learn more information: http://www.wgs.udel.edu/programs-and-academics/sexuality-and-gender-studies/Pages/default.aspx

Are the Campus Police LGBT friendly?

            Campus police receive ongoing trainings on identifying hate crimes and hate crime prevention as well as training on transgender experiences and concerns. They also outreach to LGBT people. Several officers are also designated Allies, having gone through the University’s training.

Are there local organizations that work with and provide support for the LGBTQ community?

            Yes. There are many local and national organizations that provide support for the LGBTQ community. Visit the Allies website  https://sites.udel.edu/lgbt-allies or the LGBT Caucus website at http://sites.udel.edu/lgbt/ to see the list of organizations.

What is the general campus and community climate for LGBTQ people at the University?

            The University’s 2014-2015 Campus Climate score was 3 out of 5 stars.


"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Seuss