Lifting the Veil

Lifting the Veil

(Picture from the Spring Faculty/Staff Meeting reception. From L to R: Neetek Kumar,
Amy Estey, Urvashi Jain)

Even before the MBA Student Association officially became the board that it is today, it got a wonderful opportunity to unveil its official homecoming at the Lerner College Spring Faculty/ Staff Meeting. At this meeting, Neetek Kumar and Urvashi Jain, the current MBASA Vice President and President respectively, got the honor of presenting the most coveted MBA Teaching Awards to the faculty. They became the face of the new MBASA which was still in its developing stages. It was a landmark day in the history of MBASA 2.0, so we had to showcase it! 

After being welcomed by the faculty and staff as a graduate student association for the MBA candidates, MBASA came up with its board members incredibly swiftly to maintain and grow the rich legacy left behind by the MBASA alumni. 

(From L to R: Dr. Fei Xie receiving the 2022 MBA Teaching Award Honorable Mention Award, MBASA Vice President- Neetek Kumar, MBASA President- Urvashi Jain)
The Tradition of First Fridays

The Tradition of First Fridays

Ever since the inception of the UD MBA Student Association, First Fridays have been a tradition. A tradition which started as a trial for giving a safe place to the young leaders to hone their networking skills, saw immense potential eventually. It picked up pace and before anyone could realize, it became everyone’s favorite. 

So on the first Friday of every month, students, faculty and staff would pop up at the evergreen and charming with its rustic vibes- the Deer Park Tavern, located behind the One South Main campus, just a few walking steps from the Lerner. In an informal setting and over a couple of drinks, they gathered to build great relationships. The students found it a safe haven to indulge and interact with each other, and to come out of their comfort zones and immerse themselves into the art of networking. 

Past MBASA First Friday

Unfortunately, as the entire world grappled with the Covid-19 pandemic and social interactions became a distant reality, this tradition also lost its way. But, with the rebooting of MBASA 2.0, the current MBASA team has been able to successfully launch the First Friday tradition and it is back in full swing. These MBA students have never missed an opportunity to bring people together notwithstanding the rains or the summer. This dynamic group is doing an amazing job with keeping up the tradition and is sure to live up to the mark set up by the alumni. 

June 2022 MBASA First Friday

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