President: Tingru Nan | nant@udel.edu

Tingru Nan is a self-motivated and community-devoted MBA candidate with experience in financial strategy and data analysis. Her recognized creativity, multi-tasking, and detail-oriented as an experienced E-commerce market specialist creates and strengthens business opportunities between China-US markets.


Vice President: Ana Kelbakiani | anak@udel.edu

Ana is an MBA candidate at UD with a major in Business Analytics, and holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration. Ana has six years of working experience in fashion retail and NGO sector. She has been working as an analyst and brand and marketing manager. Currently, Ana works as a Data Analyst with Christiana Care as a part of the UD Graduate Internship program. She enjoys meeting people and building professional relationships. Ana believes that connections and life experiences shape her personality and believes that MBASA is a perfect place for that.


Vice President Events: Queen Agboye | queenoye@udel.edu

Queen Agboye is an Event and Marketing Strategist with a decade of successful experience in project management and PR. Fueled by her partnerships with CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs, Queen specializes in creating marketing solutions for mega brands and startups and applies her human-to-human approach to identify and promote their personal and professional brands.

Queen is an MBA candidate with a major in Business Analytics and bags a B.Sc. in Accounting and Business Management. As a strong believer in the power of positive thinking, Queen motivates professionals through her articles that focus on personal growth and career path restructuring. Her focus within MBASA is to plan, manage and coordinate events, non-academic programs, social activities and functions that promote flavorful students engagement.



Secretary: Chioma  | chiomaat@udel.edu

Chioma Atuegbu is an MBA candidate at UD and also holds a Graduate Degree in Financial Economics from Ohio University. Chioma has worked in both Academic Research and the Financial Industry. She is currently a Graduate Assistant at the Office of the Associate Dean of Lerner Undergraduate Programs and the MIS Department. Chioma enjoys discussions on Feminist Politics, TED talks, and hiking. She is dedicated to the success of MBASA through maintaining effective records and administration.



Vice President Treasurer: Bhoomi Gada | bhoomig@udel.edu

Bhoomi is an MBA candidate with a major in Business Analytics and has a B.Sc in Management Studies in areas of Marketing and Finance from the University of Mumbai, India. She is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 2 Candidate and has worked in the financial industry for some time. Bhoomi speaks 6 languages and presently working on her writing in the German language. Her focus within MBASA is to structure budgets and align them with the event executions.



Vice President Marketing and Communications: Anne Anaba | magloire@udel.edu

Anne is a selfless leader whose aspiration is to inspire others while creating positive impacts. Anne believes in the greater good, and her leadership experience of five years involves academic, social entrepreneurship and community development. Being a strong advocate of constant work in progress and personal development, Anne has a history of taking a stand in projects that link Africa and the USA.

Anne is an MBA candidate with a major in Business Analytics and has a B.Sc. in Banking and Finance. With experience in financial services, she hopes to develop data-oriented strategies that improve the financial health of small and medium-sized businesses in Africa to fight against poverty and contribute to economic development. Her role within MBASA is to inform the audience through social media, emails and notice boards on campus of all MBASA upcoming events.



Vice President International Relations: Xiaoyan Qian | xyqian@udel.edu

Xiaoyan is pursuing her dual MBA/MS in Information System & Technology Management at UD. She was a graduate assistant with the Department of Accounting and MIS and is currently working with Sallie Mae as a strategic analytics intern. Xiaoyan received her BA in Advertising from Fudan University, China and had years of working experience as a CPA before returning to school for her graduate program at UD. Xiaoyan is actively involved in various student organizations and looks forward to leveraging her passion and experience to engage more international student in Lerner and UD community. Xiaoyan enjoys working out and was a part-time Yoga instructor


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