UDash 2018

How to start your UDash

  1. Find your team of 2-3 participants or we could pair you into a team.
  2. Start location: the fountain in front of the Morris Library. End location: Star Campus (‘GO, Baby Go cafe)
  3. You need to complete a game at each pit stop and gather the stickers given by our volunteers.
  4. You need to finish the required number of pit stops in one Area in order to move to the next area.
  5. Once you have finished all the pit-stop required in one Area, you can choose which Area you want to go next.
  6. Teams who have finished all the Areas and gotten the stickers first win the game and these teams should come back to the old college to get the reward. (Top 3 teams get rewards up to $300 and all participant have opportunities to win smartwatch values $100 and $25  )
  7. Always obey the local laws and public-safety laws.
  8. Safe first, game second!