Pit Stop

Pit stops:

         5 Parts 19 pit stops (15 requirements) 


Area A (E-Main St)—————————————————————-At least 4

OISS Office (Elliott Hall)

Carpenter Sports Building

Trabant University Center

Brew-haha café


Area B (E-Main St)——————————————————————–At least 3

Alfred Lerner Hall

Roselle Center for the Arts (Music department)

Biden Institutes (44 Kent Way)

University Visitors Center


Area C (Green I)——————————————————————————at least 3

Morris Library

Harker ISE Lab

Memorial hall

Student Service Building


Area D (Green II)————————————————————————–at least 4

Perkins Student Center

Career Service Center (401 Academy St.)

Human Resource and Police department of UD (413 Academy St.)

Laurel Hall (student health center)

Russell Dining Hall


Area E (South Campus)————————————————————-at least 1

         U-Dairy Creamery

Fred Rust Ice Arena