OFFICERS 2021-22

Zhen An, President of LISA is from China.  He has been studying and living at UD for four years.  He specialized in CYBER SECURITY after graduating from BAIM and has a lot of work and management experience.  He has made many friends in various industries during the four years at UD and all his networking and relationships across industries will provide opportunities and convenience for LISA members.  He hopes to make his own contribution to LISA and its members. Email:

Hsuan Hua Chen, LISA Secretary,  is doing  her MBA major in business analytics at Lerner and working as a graduate intern in the office of Professional & Continuing Studies at UD. Before starting my master degree, she got her BS major in geoscience from Taiwan University. She hopes to provide support to the international students while we are recovering from the pandemic. Email:

Namita Bhanot, Vice President of Social Media Outreach enjoys working with students from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities.  After graduating with MS in Finance from UD in May 2020, she joined the BAIM program in Fall 2020. She comes with a multidisciplinary background that includes an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences and MBA from Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati University, India. In addition to a strong academic background, she has a rich professional experience working with a Development Finance Institution in India. Her goal is to leverage her background, skills and experience to help international students with networking and in building lifelong relationships.  Email:

Shashank Gaddala, VP, Career Skills Development, is pursuing an MBA in Business Analytics from the Alfred Lerner College of Business and is a graduate assistant with the department of Sport Business Management. Shashank graduated with a Bachelors in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the VIT University, India. Prior to the MBA program, he worked at UBS, India in the investment banking department where he was engaged in creating pitch books and discussion materials for the Mergers and Acquisitions, equity and debt offering in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector. Email:

Felisters Wamayuyi, Treasurer of LISA, manages the association’s funds by overseeing financial aspects of all programs and activities along with providing any support needed by officers and members.She is currently pursuing an MBA with a major in Business Analytics. Felisters is a Certified Public Accountant of Kenya (CPA), and she received her Bachelor of Commerce- Finance major from Meru University of Science and Technology, Meru, Kenya before joining the university of Delaware. She is also a Graduate Assistant at Lerner College of Business and Economics and hopes to assist the international students at Lerner to feel at home and navigate through the social and cultural differences they might face. Email: