Letter from Dean Bruce Weber to Lerner Graduate Students

Letter from Dean Bruce Weber to Lerner Graduate Students

The Dean of Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, Dr. Bruce Weber is excited to celebrate 100 years of Lerner College. University of Delaware has a long tradition of excellence in Business education and is a leading university recognized as having the Business College as a major contributing factor in our growing reputation [as a major university]. Dr. Weber says, “Not many universities had such a vision” and UD has proven a prescient university as we possessed the vision “100 years back to have an outstanding Business College, and it happened”. [Now] we are communicating this message through journals, billboards and newsletters.”

Dr. Weber wants the students at Lerner to take advantage of every opportunity the school can offer. He says this is their school and the faculty and staff are here to assist them [the students] in maximizing their potential as well as help them to find [job] opportunities.

Students should make the effort to attend a maximum of [networking] workshops and events while they are at Lerner. Dean Weber went on to add that the Graduate Students are at a point in their education where they radically differ from undergraduate students in that instead of answering questions taught to them in class, they should be asking questions. Students should concentrate on figuring out what are the ‘right questions’ for them and especially those that will help them determine their career path. He elaborated on this concept by posing grand questions like “What do we know about Business and Management, that’s clear and robust knowledge?” and “What part of Business and Management is still in process or under study?”

Dr. Weber also noted that students should learn what it takes to become an inspirational leader. Then went on to speak about the importance of knowing the true value of finance and the reasons when markets do not necessarily follow assumptions found in financial theory and how important marketing can be in the digital era. He understands that traditional modes of advertisement through TV and newspaper are receding as mainstay of media campaigns and that those new techniques in Digital/Social Media are tapped to encourage growth in a healthy business environment.

By looking at new developments and being inquisitive about how to operate effective businesses in today’s economy the right questions will get answers. He went on to express his rising expectations for the Delaware economy.” The local economy has picked up in last couple of years in Delaware with the expansion of Fintech sectors in Wilmington and continued growth for industry stalwarts like JP Morgan Chase and DuPont (Dow/DuPont post-merger). This rise in the Delaware economy has given Business owners confidence to offer jobs and to recruit our students. Delaware has pulled out of the 2008-10 recession very well although it is different economy now concentrating on Fintech, Biotech, Healthcare and Tourism”.

Dr. Weber was proud to assert that Lerner Gazette aligns with mission of Lerner College of Business and Economics and bragged that, “Businesses do not put their light under a dark lampshade”. We have a leading Business College here and the Lerner Gazette, along with our advertising and billboard displays, are communicating more broadly than ever. Business colleges must communicate among our colleagues, our community and ourselves. He expressed that we [in the Business School] need to get the story out about our products and our students, through leadership, advanced facilities and better opportunities.

“Lerner Gazette is a terrific addition to the whole portfolio of communication channels and I am thrilled it’s here because who better to ‘blow their own horn’.” Dean Weber concluded his remarks by saying, “We have a strong graduate program in a growing Business College that’s still work in progress. Lerner College is building on old and new strengths with better facilities, name recognition which makes it the best school for Business Graduates!”