About the Blog

Welcome to our blog! Here, we share the research, accomplishments, and events of the  students and faculty in the Learning Sciences program at the University of Delaware.The Learning Sciences program is one of four specialization areas in UD’s Education doctoral program. Check out some of our links below to learn more!

Meet the Blog Team!


Image of Assistant Professor Teomara Rutherford Dr. Teomara (Teya) Rutherford is an assistant professor in the School of Education affiliated with the Learning Sciences PhD specialization and the Educational Statistics and Research Methods (ESRM) PhD, with affiliated status in Psychological and Brain Sciences. Dr. Rutherford researches learning and motivation in digital contexts, especially in STEM subjects.
Image of PhD student Caroline Gaudreau Caroline Gaudreau is a fourth year PhD student in the Learning Sciences. She studies how children learn from asking and answering questions. Additionally, Caroline is interested in the role of media in children’s learning. 
Image of PhD student Alexus Ramirez Alexus Ramirez is a third year PhD student in the School of Education, specializing in Learning Sciences. She studies how caretakers talk with their children to support their language learning and school readiness. 
Image of PhD Student Raymond Patt Ray Patt is a first year PhD student at University of Delaware, specializing in Learning Sciences through the School of Education. He is broadly interested in childrens’ learning in digital environments, and, in particular, is interested in first and second language acquisition. 


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