Love People


At our session two weeks ago, farmer, active Board member and retired teacher, Mr. Bob Garey, was asked to participate on a panel discussing the Delaware Ag Land Preservation and Young Farmer programs. After the panel, Bob shared some other leadership tips he had learned throughout his years to the fellows.

  • Love people – it’s important to really like being around people, in order to be effective in this world. No one can accomplish anything without help from other people so be sure to make connections and be thankful for those that help you, and then return the gesture by helping other people that you are able to support.
  • Positive attitude – no matter what, try to have a good attitude about things. That good attitude will be picked up by those around you and make tough tasks easier
  • Find the right people – you when are working with the right people, you can accomplish anything; if you don’t have the right people, you may need to look for others
  • Get people to pull together in the same direction – when everyone is going in the same direction, it is hard to stop a group
  • Everyone is important – no matter the person’s ability, everyone can have an important role in life and it is important to make them feel that way
  • Expect a lot – you will get the results that you expect of people, so expect a lot from them and you won’t be disappointed
  • Compliments are important – deserved compliments are priceless, but don’t give too many unwarranted ones – it will dilute the deserved ones
  • Roll with the punches – things are going to happen, go with it – that’s life
  • Define the foul line – make sure everyone knows the rules and warn people right away when they are breaking or crossing the rules
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