Stand strong on beliefs; bend for style – Day 3

LEADelaware Class III, Jimmy Hughes

LEADelaware Class III Fellow Jimmy Hughes

By Jimmy Hughes, Class III Fellow

On Friday, we LEAD Fellows began our day with another great meal. After breakfast, Tom passed out our first reading assignment, a book called The Food Police. Fellows are asked to read the material and be able to discuss in an optional January session. The optional session is on Wednesday, January 15 when the author, Jayson Lusk, will be presenting at the University of Delaware. Tom will be providing more instructions as the time gets closer.

Our first speaker of the day was Jayme Arthurs from NRCS. Mr. Arthurs presented an overview of the LEAD Class II international study trip. The fellows heard about the entire experience and what to expect. Mr. Arthurs expressed the importance of journaling during the entire LEAD program.

Our second speaker, Secretary Rita Landgraf, spoke to us about the Department of Health & Social Services and what the jobs are in each section. Secretary Landgraf also provided her insights and her thoughts on leadership and what it takes to be a leader. Secretary Landgraf shared the image of the tree picture she has in her office and that you have to keep strong on your beliefs, but be able to learn to bend for issues that are just style differences.

Next, Tom presented the argument clinic. This presentation shared ideas on how to effectively argue but not attack the individual. Tom also showed examples of a letter to the editor that he wrote about an issue in Newark.

After Tom’s presentation, he passed out a list of books that are approved for each Fellow to choose one and read about leadership. The LEAD class and instructors discussed their final thoughts and thanked everyone for their participation. Our next LEAD session will be Thursday December 12th at the Delaware Department of Agriculture.

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