Learning Leadership from First State Leaders

LEADelaware Class III Group Photo

L to R: Ben Snow, Robert Baldwin, Jimmy Hughes, Ben Coverdale, Haley Keenan, Philip Dukes, Lauren Torres, Paul Shipper, Trudy Kruger, Lynda Wright

It’s official – Class III held our first session on November 6-8 in Rehoboth Beach, with presentations from two Delaware cabinet secretaries and a successful food entrepreneur.

Delaware Agriculture Secretary Ed Kee spoke to the group about his personal eight traits of a leader, including having a clear vision and focusing on results (check back on future blogs to see the rest of them). Secretary Rita Landgraf, of the Delaware Department of Health & Social Services, discussed what it takes to lead the largest agency in the state. And businessman Matt Haley, of SoDel Concepts, talked about the importance of sticking with your goals and vision.

The class also toured Hopkins Farm Creamery and Dogfish Head Brewery, to learn about two successful Delaware value-added operations.

“Teaching leadership theory in a classroom is one thing,” said LEADelaware Program Instructor Tom Ilvento. “But the real essence of the LEADelaware program is the value of sharing real life experiences from leaders throughout the state and agriculture industry.”

Future programs will include a focus on agriculture and natural resources issues, public policy in Delaware and the U.S., food system policy and more.

Check back for additional blogs written by Fellows as they travel through their leadership journey.

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