I have joined the CEEM Department at Columbia University.

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Kianoosh Yousefi

Associate Research Scientist, Columbia University

Surface waves and the accompanying generation of turbulence and vortical structures play an integral role in coupling the atmosphere and the ocean. These small-scale processes largely influence the air-sea exchanges of mass, momentum, and energy. Understanding the effects of surface waves on the air-sea fluxes is essential in developing physically based parameterizations for improved weather and climate predictions, particularly in high winds and extreme conditions. Currently, I am an Associate Research Scientist at the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics of Columbia University, studying hurricane boundary-layer flows through direct numerical and large-eddy simulations in the Environmental Flow Physics Laboratory. Prior to this, I completed my postdoctoral work (2020-2021) at the Air-Sea Interaction Laboratory of the University of Delaware, where I performed fundamental research in the physics of ocean waves and their influence on momentum and energy transfers between the atmosphere and ocean.

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