New students have joined the Korley Research Group!

November 2019

Two materials science and engineering students, Jessica Thomas and Maida Mahmood, and one chemical engineering student, Yu Tai Wong, have joined the Korley Research Group. Jessica will be pursing work in supramolecular chemistries, and Maida and Yu Tai  will focus their work around lignin research. 

Dr. LaShanda Korley is honored by U.S. National Nanotechnology as one of their favorite #WomeninNano! 

March 2019

Look out for Dr. LaShanda Korley’s talk at ACS Orlando this April!

March 2019

Dr. Korley will be discussing bio-inspired supramolecular systems that mimic biological mechanics on April 4, and she was named one of the ‘must-see presenters’ for the conference. Exciting new work from the Korley Research Group!

Congratulations, Kris!

January 2019

Kris successfully passed his Ph.D. thesis proposal, advancing to candidacy!

Congratulations to Dr. Michelle T. Brannum!

January 2019

Michelle successfully defended her CWRU Ph.D. thesis, “Functional Performance of Liquid Crystalline Elastomers”. Funded by a SMART Fellowship, Michelle’s research interests sparked a wonderful collaboration with Tim White (UC Boulder/AFRL) and Gary Wnek (co-advisor). Best wishes in your future career at AFRL.

Congrats to Michelle on her recent publication in Advanced Optical Materials!

January 2019

Brannum, M.L.; Steele, A.B.; Venetos, M.C.; Korley, L.T.J.; Wnek, G.E.; White, T.J. “Light Control with Liquid Crystalline Elastomers”, Advanced Optical Materials 2019,

Congrats to KRG alumni, Dr. Symone Alexander!  

November  2018

Dr. Alexander, now at Georgia Tech, had her last manuscript in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces accepted! #50 Great way to finish strong!

KRG welcomes, new post-doc, Dr. Yanchun Tang, from the University of Tokyo!  

November  2018

Korley Group Potluck 2018  

November  2018

KRG Welcomes 5 new graduate students!  

November  2018

Dajeong Kim (MSEG, co-advised Epps)

Francis Klincewicz (MSEG, Unidel Distinguished Graduate Scholar)

Jignesh Shantaram Mahajan (MSEG, co-advised Epps)

Joanne Norris (MSEG, co-advised Rabolt/Chase)

Akash Vaidya (CHEG, PIRE)

Congratulations to Chase Thompson!  

September 2018

Chase successfully defended his thesis proposal, and became an offical MSEG Ph.D. candidate.

Welcome Dr. Chatterjee to the Korley Research Group!  

July 2018

The Korley research group is excited to welcome the newest member of the group, Dr. Sourav Chatterjee, a post-doctoral associate. Dr. Chatterjee obtained his Ph.D. at Louisiana State University.

Congratulations to Dr. Symone Alexander!  

June 2018

Symone successfully defended her thesis, and is off to GT as a post-doctoral fellow in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

Congratulations to Symone Alexander on her recent publication!  

April 2018

Symone’s recent publication, “Nucleation Effects on High Molecular Weight Polymer Additives on Low Molecular Weight Gels”, was accepted in Polymer Journal! Great Work!

Welcome Daseul, Ada, and Shruti to the Korley Research Group!  

January 2018

The Korley research group is excited to welcome three first year graduate students: Daseul Jang, Ada Anyanwu, and Shruti Vaze. These students mark the first University of Delaware students to join the Korley Research Group family!

Korley Lab Moves to the University of Delaware!  

January 2018

We have offically moved to the University of Delaware – Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Egineering.