The Korley Research Group (KRG) is located within the Departments of Materials Science and Engineering, and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Delaware. The group utilizes a bio-inspired approach to develop polymeric materials with mechanical tunability and responsive features for a myriad of applications, including biomedical engineering, protective fabrics, and structural materials.  There also is an expanded focus on bio-derived materials and sustainable strategies to address challenges in plastics waste. Our laboratory utilizes materials chemistry to design platform systems for these investigations and correlates structural features to material response.

Welcome to the Korley Group at the University of Delaware! We utilize natural materials as inspiration for enhancement of mechanical function in polymeric materials and strive to incorporate sustainable synthetic and manufacturing routes in our materials design strategies.  Motivated students interested in research projects ranging from polymer synthesis to polymer manufacturing with applications including biomedicine, plastics upcycling and recycling, and biomass conversion are encouraged to contact Prof. Korley.

LaShanda Korley, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor, UD

Group Picture December 2019

Group Paint Night

Led by our very own Jo Norris!

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