Cross Stitch Projects

I enjoy designing and making cross stitch projects. Here are a few that I’ve done.

1. “you get proud by practicing”. Donated to the 2015 SDS Auction.

[Image Description: Hanging on a purple ribbon from a house’s outside doorhandle is a rectangular cross stitch project, wider than it is tall, with a large colorful peacock feather in turquoise, dark blue, lime green, and mint green taking up the left third of the project. Two lines from a poem by Laura Hershey are cross stitched in a purple script font, and the poet’s name in tan take up the right two-thirds of the project.]


2. Crip Time: The Ellen Samuels and the Alison Kafer. I made two of each of these projects and gave Ellen and Alison each their namesake project and the other copy was donated to the 2015 SDS Auction.

[Image description: two 4″ wooden cross stitch hoops hold two different interpretations of crip time. On the left, the Ellen Samuels has a Salvador Dali-esque melting clock and the words crip time in lower-case maroon lettering. On the right, the Alison Kafer has the words crip time in all-capital red lettering bursting through the frame as if exploding, with yellow, orange, and blue framing the explosion. Around the edges of the project are assorted roman numerals and clock hands stitched in black.]


3. “irritable owl syndrome,” for Amy Vidali.

[Image Description: in a distressed wooden frame sits a small and very cute — but irritated looking — cross-stitched orange and brown owl. To the right of the owl, in all lower-case letters are the words “irritable owl syndrome” cross stitched in brown.]


4. “Disable all the things,” for Melanie Yergeau.

[Image Description: a cute purple robot on wheels with blue arms and many blue, black, and white buttons on its front smiles next to the words “Disable all the things!” stitched in blue].