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Session Information & Descriptions

Sessions are open to everyone who teaches at UD. Registration has advantages: a guaranteed seat in popular sessions and a friendly e-mail reminder 24-hours before the event. Walk-ins are welcome as space allows. Visit the session calendar to register.
Listed below are the descriptions and times for each session.

Featured Sessions

Staff from the Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning (CTAL) will be on site and available for private consultations throughout the day on August 16, 17, 18, 23, and 25. They can help with syllabi review, course design, assessment development, and other questions about teaching and learning.

This year we are introducing Topics on Demand, Tuesday, Aug 23 and Wednesday Aug 24, which is designed for faculty, graduate students, adjunct faculty and anyone else who cannot attend sessions during our standard hours.

Join us on the 18th to learn how UD Bookstore’s Faculty Enlight is streamlining and improving the textbook ordering process.

Session Title Session Description
2FA: Setup/Questions Drop-in

Haven’t set up Two-factor Authentication on your UD account yet? Take advantage of this drop-in time to have someone walk you through the process and answer your questions regarding 2FA and account security. [Presentation]

Thursday, Aug 18 @3:00 and Thursday, Aug 25 @3:00

3 things you can do right now to reduce death by PowerPoint

 1. Tell a story. When did you first encounter this idea? Why is it important? What individuals have worked on it and what were their lives like?

2. Split slides. Take an over-stuffed slide and copy/paste to spread it among multiple slides, removing all but one idea from each slide.

3. Make a true handout (outside of PowerPoint!). Save as a PDF file. Upload to Sakai or Canvas.


Tuesday, Aug 16 @9:00 and Tuesday, Aug 25 @11:00


Bringing Info Lit into your Classroom–a selection of artifacts coming out of conversations with librarians

Building on the success of the Information Literacy workshop held during the Summer Faculty Institute, this session will showcase some of the helpful artifacts for your class that can come from working with librarians to include information literacy skills. Class-specific research guides, videos, handouts, and rubrics related to your class needs will be showcased with ample opportunity for discussion.

Wednesday, Aug 17 @3:00

Building a foundation for inclusive classrooms

Explore and plan for ways to create a classroom environment that embraces all students and supports their learning.  [Fostering Inclusive Classrooms]

Tuesday, Aug 16 @11:00 and Tuesday, Aug 23 @11:00

Canvas or Sakai: What you need to know.

Still not sure if the timing is right? Come see how simple it can be to move from Sakai to Canvas and what is new and different about Canvas. [Presentation]

Wednesday, Aug 17 @9:00 and Tuesday, Aug 23 @1:00

Canvas Speedgrader and Rubrics. Try it, we know you’ll like it.

Too much clicking, not anymore. Come see how the Canvas Speedgrader tool works. You can include rubrics, annotations, media feedback and more! [Presentation]

Wednesday, Aug 17 @10:00 and Tuesday, Aug 23 @2:00

Canvas Extras: Analytics, Critboard, Threadz, and others

Turbo charge your Canvas experience with some of the extras that are right at your fingertips. Learn about how Canvas analytics can help you understand how students are accessing and using your content and tools. See how Critboard can create an image-based critique process for student work. Threadz, a data visualization application for your discussion tool, will quickly allow you to see how students are connecting with others. Find out about these applications and others that can enhance your teaching strategies. [Presentation]

Wednesday, Aug 17 @11:00 and Tuesday, Aug 23 @3:00

Clarifying the eportfolio idea and its many uses on campus

Come learn about, share and see how eportfolios are being used on campus. See how they provide a vehicle for students to reflect on their own learning and integrate diverse learning experiences into their own story. [Presentation]

Wednesday, Aug 17 @2:00 and Thursday, Aug 25 @10:00

Creating rubrics for better projects and quicker grading

Learn how to create and apply a rubric that will help students produce better work and allow you stress free grading. [Presentation]

Tuesday, Aug 16 @ 10:00

Drop-in Syllabus Clinic

Come with or without a syllabus for consultation to ensure your semester goes smoothly.

Tuesday, Aug 16 @ 1:00 & @ 2:00 and Tuesday, Aug 23 @10:00

 Faculty Enlight

Join the Barnes & Noble UD Bookstore for a light lunch, while learning about how ordering textbooks has gotten easier!

Faculty Enlight is the newest tool in stream lining the ordering process. It stores all of your past book orders, pre-loads the current semester data with a click of a bottom, allows for one click ordering, and also allows you to check out what other Colleges and Universities are using in the same or similar classes.

Bring your lap top to follow along.

Thursday, Aug 18 @ 12:00

First Year Seminar Program: Present and Future

Join us for a lunch session where we will discuss the University’s First Year Seminar Program. We will cover our current program, the newly approved Faculty Senate outcomes, and the path forward.

Tuesday, Aug 23 @ 12:00

Google Drive & Office 365 for Student Collaboration

Student group work becomes a lot easier when collaborative tools like Google Drive and Office 365 are in play. Learn about the options through interactive activities that help illustrate the value of digital team building. [Presentation]

Wednesday, Aug 24 @ 11:00

How to Use the Technology in your Classroom

Join us for this overview of the various classroom layouts and technology connection hook-ups found in centrally scheduled UD classrooms. Learn which rooms have VGA or HDMI ports; if you don’t understand those terms you should definitely consider attending this session. Hands-on connection practice will be available for those who bring their teaching laptops.

Tuesday, Aug 16 @12:00

i>clicker Bootcamp

Veterans and instructors new to i>clickers will benefit from this introduction to the latest version of the software and review of fundamental tasks. Best practice discussions will help all get classes primed and ready for meaningful clicker activities on day one. Bring your teaching laptop for the best experience. [Presentation]

Thursday, Aug 18 @1:00 and Tuesday, Aug 23 @9:00

Multicultural Courses- What you need to know to recertify or create a course

At the end of this session, you will be able to navigate the multicultural course recertification process. Engage with Kathy Pusecker from the Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning how the new multicultural rubric can be used to redesign your course, and ask questions of the Faculty Senate Chairs of the Diversity and Inclusion and Undergraduate Studies committees, Emily Davis, Associate Professor, English, and Rusty Lee, Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineer, what the expectations are. [Presentation]

Tuesday, Aug 16 @ 3:00

OER: Finding, Using, and Sharing Free Online Learning Materials

Where can you find course materials for free? How do you know you can use them without getting in trouble with copyright? How can you make your own learning materials available to colleagues around the world? Those are some questions we will discuss during this session. Enjoy a light lunch while learning about the options. Prepare to stay for hands-on application in the session directly following.

Wednesday, Aug 24 @ 12:00

OER: Open Educational Resources Treasure Hunt

Time to hone your search skills and find free content and activities you can use to replace your textbook or supplement your current course materials. Plan to attend the previous lunchtime overview to learn about options. [OPEN at UD website]

Wednesday, Aug 24 @ 1:00

Problem-Based Learning Clinic with ITUE Leaders

Meet with like-minded UD faculty, discuss the value of PBL, discover relevant instructional materials, and get feedback on classroom strategies you plan to implement this fall. [PBL@UD website]

Wednesday, Aug 24 @ 3:00

Process over Product: The Value of Maker Thinking

“But, what does a Maker Space have to do with me? I don’t teach in a STEM field.” If this sounds like something you’d say, maybe it’s time to think again. We’ll explore campus resources for student design projects – everything from 3D printing to laser cutting to microcontrollers – and discuss why these don’t have to be limited to science and technology fields. Maker thinking may even help you discover a novel solution to an instructional problem of your own. [Presentation]

Wednesday, Aug 17 @1:00 and Thursday, Aug 25 @9:00

Qualtrics Updates: The Insight Experience

The University of Delaware now uses CAS to log on to Qualtrics. In addition, the Qualtrics user interface has changed. We’ll go over where to find the original features, describe new features and how to use them, and go over reporting in particular, since this is the feature that has changed the most. [Login with UD credentials at:]

Thursday, Aug 18 @2:00 and Wednesday, Aug 24 @9:00

Student engagement options: i>clickers, Poll Everywhere, and Google Sheets

If you’re looking for ways to spark discussion, informally assess student understanding, and break up the standard talk-n-chalk this session offers several alternatives that might be right for you. After a very brief showcase of options participants dig deeper into their tool choice. If you want the nuts and bolts tour for any of these products check out the self-paced learning links or schedule a consultation with Faculty Commons’ staff. [Presentation]

Thursday, Aug 18 @10:00 and Thursday, Aug 25 @1:00

Topics on Demand

Drop-in during this evening session to discuss any teaching topics introduced during the Keep Calm and Teach On series.

Tuesday, Aug 23 @5:00-7:00 and Wednesday, Aug 24 @5:00-7:00

UD Faculty Commons Book Club: UD’s Fall Common Reader, “When the Emperor was Divine”

“When the Emperor was Divine,” a book by Julie Otsuka, has been selected as the University’s 2016 First Year Common Reader. The discussion will be facilitated by Dr. Melissa Ianetta, Professor of English and Director of the Writing Center, and Dr. Peter Feng, Associate Professor of English and Women and Gender Studies.

Thursday, Aug 25 @12:00

UDSIS Advisement Tools Overview

Join us for an in-person workshop as we explain how to use the degree audit and what-if report undergraduate advisement tools. Plus learn about two undergraduate advisement-related webforms and more. Time to explore individual departmental degree audit questions will be allowed. [Hand-out]

Thursday, Aug 18 @9:00 and Wednesday, Aug 24 @2:00

Video Conferencing and Video Recording Options

Videoconferencing allows two or more sites to meet face-to-face with participants at a distance using cameras, microphones, and screen sharing tools. Some examples of possible uses are full credit courses with off campus students or instructors, grant meetings, thesis defenses, and guest speakers. We offer self-service desktop conferencing and full-service room based conferencing, as well as a variety of video recording services for asynchronous projects and classes. In this session, we will give a brief overview of the available facilities, along with a few demonstrations of the programs in action. [Presentation] [Comparison List]

Wednesday Aug 24 @10:00

WordPress Updates and Improvements for Class Blogging, 2016

A review of available plugins (additional functionality) suitable for class sites; how our recently updated “Classes” plugin lets instructors link to student sites with controlled privileges. [Resource website]

Thursday, Aug 18 @11:00 and Thursday, Aug 25 @2:00


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